Google’s Stake in Lending Club a Defining Moment for Crowdfinance

Jay Owen Crowdfunding

Google’s Stake in Lending Club a Defining Moment for Crowdfinance — InvestedIn CEO Alon Goren says Google’s investment in the crowdfinance platform is a key milestone.


The Rob Ford ‘Crackstarter:’ A Crowdfunding Campaign to Root Against 

With Gawker’s campaign over on Indiegogo right now to raise funds to purchase a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, rewards-based crowdfunding is currently having its Skokie vs. the neo-Nazis moment.

Talking Crowdfunding at the Canadian Venture Conference 

This week in Canada, the country’s venture capital and private equity leaders gather for the annual conference of Canada’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA). Crowdfunding is on the agenda this year, as is massolution / founder Carl Esposti.

Mark Cuban Loves Crowdsourcing: The Crowded Room #24


Dallas Mavericks owner and outspoken investor Mark Cuban has been speaking out a lot lately about the value of the crowd, and now he’s putting one of his investments where his mouth is and crowdsourcing his team’s uniforms. That, plus the delights of Freakstarter and all the week’s top crowdsourcing and crowdfunding headlines in our 24th installment of the Crowded Room.

Genius Crowds Closes Its Doors 

The co-creation company Genius Crowds announced that it is shuttering its doors last week. We had a chance to speak with the company’s cofounder and CEO CJ Kettler about what went wrong.

Crowdsourcing Week: The Potential of Crowd Power (Video) 

Watch this special video from José María Figueres, President of the Carbon War Room. Figueres hails the power of crowdsourcing and the potential for Crowdsourcing Week to become a key summit for those of us who live and breathe all things crowd.

Mimvi, Entrepreneur Magazine Partner With Launcht for ‘TrepLabs’


Mimvi, Entrepreneur Magazine and Launcht are coming together to create TrepLabs, a mobile app incubator with a crowdfunding component. We recently got a chance to speak with Mimvi’s Eric Rice to find out what to expect when the platform launches in June.

How to Make Crowdfunding Technology Work in a Non-Tech Sector 

Sarah Timms, founder and CEO of, a recently-launched crowdfunding platform for animal welfare and wildlife conservation, writes in to explain how to make crowdfunding appealing to non-tech companies and organizations.


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We take a look at Vourno, a crowdfunding platform for journalists, that launched earlier this week.

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