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Former Wall Streeter Says  Let’s Roll on Reform – Ed.  John Fullerton is also a member of Ethical Markets  Advisory Board

By John Fullerton, former Managing Director of JPMorgan and Founder of the
Capital Institute.
April 25, 2010

“It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do, but what humanity, reason and justice tell me I ought to do.”
– Edmund Burke, statesman, philosopher

With this quote, I closed my December 31, 2009 year-end letter to Lloyd Blankfein, the third private letter I sent him during 2009.  In light of their relevance to current events, I have decided to make the letters public now, including Mr. Blankfein’s response to the first letter, which
provides the context for the “Goldman Sachs Historic Speech” dated May 30, 2009 that accompanied my second letter.  Download the PDF.