Global Investor Forum Showcases Rising Sustainable Businesses

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Investing in a Greener Future

Global Investor Forum Showcases Rising Sustainable Businesses .

“We have the ability to build companies that are sustainable for the environment and are themselves sustainable,” explained Steven Heller, Chairman of CODA Automotive, at the New Ventures Global Investor Forum 2011. Environmental entrepreneurs from Brazil, China, India and Mexico delivered presentations explaining their companies’ business models, their positive environmental and social impacts, and their competitive advantage. Each of the companies are ready to scale up, and are looking for international investment to implement their growth plans.
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Q&A: What is a “Green Economy?”

As economies struggle to recover from the global recession, many are taking a closer look at the broad concept of a “Green Economy,” one that simultaneously promotes sustainability and economic growth. Manish Bapna and John Talberth explain, “Past sustainability efforts have not focused sufficiently on fixing the failures of economic policies. But we now have a chance to tackle these challenging problems given the policy openings created by the response to the financial crisis.”
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