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Welcome! This is GIFT’s new monthly newsletter and we hope you enjoy reading it.

For new subscribers to GIFT, and for those who just want to be reminded of what we do, we begin this edition with a video of the 13th Global Young Leaders Programme (YLP Aceh, Indonesia).

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It charts the journey of 25 global executives who took part in the programme. Their role was to provide a fresh perspective to improve Aceh’s supply chain for cocoa, Indonesia’s most important export. Cadbury, Olam International Ltd and Amajaro all attended the final presentation of the participants’ plan.

Latest in executive education

The 25th Global Young Leaders Programme is now open to companies who wish to nominate staff to attend. It is an open programme for 25 high potential candidates that come from a variety of business functions within companies from all over the world. If your company would like to find out more, or you are interested in attending as an independent then please contact Nada Chan at [email protected]

GIFT announces a new format of Workshops & Webinars. They utilise GIFT’s YLP methodology and are run by our seasoned facilitators, Chandran Nair and Eric Stryson. These sessions are customised to your industry, regional interests and organisational objectives. To find out more please contact Karim Rushdy at [email protected]

Investor conference – 11 November, Bangalore, India
You are invited to attend this conference which marks the finale of our 23rd Global Young Leaders Programme. Participants will present an operational plan to launch a revolutionary new investment concept that makes the economy work for the people. For more information please email Nina Jatana at [email protected] Download the invitation here.