GEC Update: A new dawn for green economy, and our tenth anniversary

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* Help us design the next ten years of the GEC!
* Global Meeting 2019 Event Report now online
* Blogs on the school strikes, pollution, inclusion, and Davos 


An update from Oliver Greenfield, GEC Convenor

There is a shift underway. Last year, both plastic waste and oceans broke through as iconic environmental issues. There is a growing movement in the US around the Sunrise Movement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Green New Deal. And now the youth are on the streetsall across the world, and their message is clear: “politicians, do your job.”

The younger generation are speaking, and slightly older millennials are becoming voters, consumers, worker and investors. There is an anger being articulated: young people won’t vote for you, work for you, buy from you or invest in you – unless you are champions of fair green economies.

And this year, 2019, our GEC movement is 10 years old… Read more

Oliver Greenfield
Convenor, Green Economy Coalition


Help us design the next decade of GEC!

2019 is the tenth anniversary of our coalition, but we know the next ten years will be the most crucial yet. To meet the global challenges of the green transition, we’ve opened a consultation on our GEC strategy – and we need your input!

VIDEO  We asked Davos: what’s wealth?

For decades, we’ve been getting wealth all wrong – and now our societies and our planet are paying the price. We took a radical message of inclusion and sustainability into the heart of the economic establishment. Read more…

 BLOG  Imagining the impossible 

To change our societies, we need to change the stories we tell about ourselves. The GEC’s Emily Benson reflects on the power of narrative to shape our collective future, and asks – is it time for our economies to come home? Read more…

 RESEARCH  Natural capital case studies

Our new case studies series explores successful approaches to natural capital around the world, including rewilding in Europe, reforestation in China, and coral reefs in Mexico. Read more…

 BLOG  Mongolian mothers on pollution

During wintertime, Ulaanbaatar becomes one of the most polluted cities in the world. The health impacts are dire, and especially so for young children. Our partner organisation EPCRC met some Mongolian mothers to find out how they cope. Read more…


Global Meeting 2019 Report now online

Our 2019 Global Meeting in Cape Town brought together academics, activists and thought-leaders to ask: how can we make sure everyone gets a stake in the green economy? Read the full report…

 NEWS  Publications Library now online

We’re delighted to announce that our new Publications Library is now up and online, bringing together all of our research, event reports, policy papers and video content in one easily accessible place. Check it out!

BLOG  The authority of innocence

Ben Martin went along to the #YouthStrike4Climate in London and was humbled by the energy of the young protesters. But, he argues, we can’t expect kids to do it alone – adults need to step up. Read more…