Futurists of the Year from the Foresight Network

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2010 Laurel Awards
The results of this years ‘all-time best futurists’ are in as voted upon by Foresight Network Members. They are in no particular order:

Alvin Toffler, Ray Kurzweil, Richard Slaughter, and Sohail Inayatullah. There was a draw for third place so we have not split hairs and recommended to the FN Board that we accept four new Laurel Awards. Sincere appreciation to you all for your mega contributions.

The biographies of the four new recipients will shortly appear on the Foresight Network website.
They join Hazel Henderson, Jim Dator and Joe Coates who were the first recipients in 2009 and Richard “Bucky” Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), Herman Kahn (1922-1983), Donella Meadows (1941-2001), Jules Verne (1828-1905), H G (Herbert George) Wells (1866-1946) who were given posthumous Lifetime Achievement t Awards by the Board this year.