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“We at Ethical Markets are avid supporters of the Good Food Institute (GFI) and its amazingly creative work, which aligns with our mission of helping accelerate the global green transition to inclusive, cleaner, knowledge-richer sustainable societies.   We refer to GFI initiatives in our own research and in our Green Transition Scoreboard® annual reports, especially  “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health”, (2018) and “Transitioning To Science-Based Investing“, ( 2019-2020).

We will continue to serve as a voluntary media partner for GFI,  pro bono, as it spreads the good news and assists the now double-digit growth we cover of plant -based beverages and cultivated meat and dairy foods worldwide.  Shifting from animal-based meats and foods is essential to reduce their overuse of land, water and emissions of 14.5% of the planet’s greenhouse gases.

We also hope to bring GFI into our research on halophyte (salt-loving) plant foods, such as quinoa and salicornia (see our page on Halophytes) and the results of the scientific seminar on salicornia at Arizona State University, March, 2020.  I will be presenting on venture opportunities for commercializing this delicious, nutritious plant (also called sea beans and sea asparagus), which grows wild almost everywhere in salty wetlands, and now in a few gourmet restaurants around the world.  Stay tuned!

~ Dr. Hazel Henderson, Editor“

The year 2019 saw stunning developments across the plant-based and cultivated meat industries. It also marked GFI’s most ambitious and impactful year to date, and we have you to thank for making it all possible.

We funded more open-access research projects through our competitive grants program than ever before, we brought alternative protein to the TED stage, we helped secure a grant from the Indian government to fund cultivated meat research, we fought back against unconstitutional label censorship laws—and those are just a few exciting developments.

See our key accomplishments from 2019 in our latest year in review! 

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I’m proud to be a part of this movement with you, I’m optimistic about what’s to come, and I’m deeply grateful for all you do to support us. Together we’re building a healthy, sustainable, and just food system.

With gratitude,

Bruce Friedrich
GFI Executive Director

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