Jay Owen Earth Systems Science

ENERGY QUEST USA—Earth: The Operators’ Manual (program 3)

 Visit five very different communities, from Alaska to the East Coast, to meet people who are taking charge of their energy future. Instead of waiting for Washington, these folks are rolling up their sleeves and meeting the challenges head on. In the process, they’re becoming energy efficient, saving a buck, protecting the environment, and securing the future for our kids and our country.

 ENERGY QUEST USA, the third program in the EARTH: THE OPERATORS’ MANUAL series, is not about a red or blue America, but about the power of people who want to move beyond political labels, debates and paralysis to build a more productive, prosperous and sustainable future. It will leave you inspired and optimistic.

 For more about what you can do to re-energize your community, visit

 Hosted by geologist Richard Alley of Penn State University, author of the companion book, Earth: The Operators’ Manual, published by W. W. NORTON & COMPANY. 

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