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Five Questions about SRI – Weekly Expert Interview with Matt Christensen, Executive Director, Eurosif – March 4, 2011
By Geoffrey on March 4, 2011

Each week Emerging Markets ESG publishes an interview entitled, “Five Questions about SRI.” The interview features a practitioner’s insights about SRI in emerging markets and through Emerging Markets ESG shares this expertise with a wide global audience. The goals of Five Questions about SRI are fourfold:

To reflect on what SRI in emerging markets means to practitioners;
To collect a catalogue of examples of SRI in practice in emerging markets;
To raise awareness about SRI in emerging markets; and
To enable SRI practitioners in emerging markets to network with peers around the world.
This week’s interview is with Matt Christensen, Executive Director, Eurosif.

Matt Christensen has served as Executive Director of Eurosif since 2002. Eurosif is the premier European think-tank and network for sustainable investment with more than 85 Member Affiliates that together represent assets totalling over €1 trillion. Recent activities of Eurosif include its 2010 edition of the EU SRI Market Study, the Emerging Markets Report, the High Net Worth Individual & Sustainable Investment Report, and successful submissions to the EU asking for improved transparency on environmental/social/governance issues by companies and investors. Matt is a frequent speaker at international events on sustainable finance matters and a member of the European Commission Coordination Committee to explore the evolution of sustainability in the EU. Matt was formerly a European Director at The Motley Fool, a leading publisher of information on personal finance and investing. Prior to that, he advised FTSE 100 clients as a strategy consultant with Braxton Associates/Deloitte Consulting. He is a Non-Executive Director to several investment funds and holds masters degrees from the Wharton School (MBA) and University of Pennsylvania (MA – International Political Economy).

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