Fairfield, Iowa Launching Its Hometown Hero Rewards

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From our Advisory Board member Stuart Valentine

Hometown Hero Rewards goes to Beta

Maybe you’ve already heard about this “Hometown Hero Rewards” thing, read about it in the Weekly Reader, or saw it briefly at the MUM Ecofair. Or perhaps you’ve seen the new signs around town with the logo you see above and wondered what exactly is going on, and how you can get the promotions it’s offering through its supporting merchants.

Either way, the Hometown Hero Rewards Program is something you should know more about. It is an exciting, innovative new program that is actually rewarding people for being good members of the community. “How’s that?” you ask? It’s easy:

1: Sign up for the Hero Network via this application.
2: Show up for Hero Rewardable activities and events sponsored by the program.
3: Do good! Plant that garden for the Sunnybrook assisted living center, buy a fruit tree at the Fruit Tree Sale, or go pull some garlic mustard with Sierra Club out at Jefferson County Park. That’s just what’s happening this weekend!
4: Get Merits. The Program issues “Merit” coupons you can use at a slew of supporting Merchants around town.
5: Redeem Merits. Cheaper use of the Rec Center, event tickets at the FACC, and better meal prices are some examples of what Merits earn you.
6: Enjoy! Have a better time out for fewer dollars, all because you decided to be a better citizen and support community resilience.

Remember: “Resilience is Fertile.”

So in essence, the Program does three things:

1: Builds Better Community (we get stuff done around town!)
2: Expands Your Purchasing Power (you get more fun for less!)
3: Strengthens the Local Economy (merchants make a buck too!)

Neat huh? All at once too.

Alas, this is but a beta-test. The HHRP will be testing its system through the end of June, when it will evaluate how it’s done in terms of getting people out to good stuff, enhanced purchasing power, and bringing new revenues to merchant members. If you’d like to see this program succeed and continue, now is the time to BE A HERO.

Just think! How wonderful would it be if Fairfield could but express a desire for some sort of activity, and instantly have resources poured into that desire’s realization! Not that this doesn’t happen already, but not quite in this way. This is purely intention driven! We intend to be a stronger, more energy independent and food secure community, so let it be so! Hometown Heroes are here to help.

So why not take a couple of minutes to sign up to be a hero? You can also “Like” the Hometown Hero Reward Cooperative’s Facebook page for updates there.

Here is the upcoming schedule of “Meritable” events, as well as the Rewards currently being offered by local merchants.

Meritable Events

(event link)

Saturday, April 30, 9am-noon
Garlic Mustard Pulling Workday with Sierra Club
Backyard Conservation Campaign event, Scott Timm asked us to support this ONE in particular. 2 Merits by the hour.

Saturday and Sunday, April 30-May 1, 9am-5pm
Fruit Tree Sale out at SLC SEED Center
Dora Pollak and Avi Pogel are selling fruit trees to add to Fairfield’s edible cityscape. Buy a Tree, get a Merit rebate.

Saturday and Sunday, April 30-May 1, 10am-6pm
Garden Planting out at Sunnybrook Assisted Living Center with Rotary Interact and MUM Rotaract.
Two-day planting with plenty to do for Heroes. Should be a great time!
1 Merit per hour on the job.

Saturday, May 7, 10am-3pm
Waterworks Park Clean-up
The City says they’d love to have Heroes clean up the beach, pull some weeds, and generally spiff up the area for the summer.
2 Merits per hour saving the day!

Saturday, May 7, 9am-4pm
Farmer’s Market Appreciation
It’s time for the summer Farmer’s Market to get going again! Come out and show support for local vendors, local food, and local love!
Bring your purchase by the HHRP booth and get a Merit rebate for every receipt.

Saturday, May 14, 10am-3pm
Downtown Clean up and Jamboree
Come show Fairfield how much you love it by cleaning up the square area. We’ll have lots to do, and more to enjoy like massages, music, and all sorts of fun, so don’t miss this special event!
2 Merits per hour making a better world!

Merit Promotions

Revelations- 8-11am: buy one breakfast, get a friend’s at 50% off
-OR- a free small coffee
Fri & Sat, 1:30-6:30pm: Get a 12″ pizza at a 9″ price

Green Gourmet- 1:30-4pm 2 entree meal for $3 with a merit
25% off your meal with a party of 3+

The Beauty Shop- FREE pot of tea with party of 3+
Buy one drink get one free (of =value)

The Crepe Escape- Free dessert w/ any entree meal
Buy 2 crepes get 1 free

FACC- $4 off “Axis of Awesome”
$3/2 off (by age 19+/18-) “Dancers in Company”
U of I Dance Company

Fairfield Recreation Center- One day pass: $1 with Merit
Memberships: $5 off per Merit (up to 50% off original price)

More Coming Very Soon!

Come on. That’s pretty exciting.
Hit up that hero application, and get in the loop for updates and reminders. Thanks so much, we really can’t wait to co-create a better world with all of you!

Hero HQ