The Mystic in our midst

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November 18, 2022 @ 8:00 am – November 21, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

I believe that there is a latent Mystic in every person.

It’s the part of us that senses our relationship to all of life and

the Universal Energy that connects us to the world around us.

— Jean Houston


“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” –Rumi



Let’s take a new look at a Mystic.

This simple graphic of the two matches is a simple demonstration of the Mystic Journey.

Our Soul and that of the Universal Spirit are always like the single, indivisible flame. We are always inseparable, and always sharing the same Infinite Spirit.

Our rationale mind has a difficult time conceiving that the vastness of a loving, intelligent, wise energy is an aspect of ourselves. We are often too bound up in years of cultural conditioning, old stories, fears and an outdated idea of our limited identity.

Through our devotion and conscious intention, we enter the Mystic Journey and expand our local self into the awareness of our Infinite Self. It is a spiritual experience so profound that when the realization occurs, there is a sensation unlike any other that we will ever have in our normal spiritual explorations.
Mystical Union is often described this way.

“I had a sense that I had dissolved into a great loving energy.

Time and space fell away and I sensed this infinite peace throughout my being.

I felt totally consumed by this sensation. I was not thinking, but in a state of pure feeling.

I leaned into it and offered my love into this moment and the sensation just grew.

When I opened my eyes, the memory remained and I knew this was me and more than me.

I wasn’t asking for anything and received everything.”


“In silence, God ceases to be an object and becomes an experience.”— Thomas Merton


What would it be like to create from inside the flame and this holy unity?

When joined with the Universal Power your identity is redefined and life is experienced from both within it and as it in all of its forms.

You are connected not only to deeper levels of yourself, but to ideas, insights, and a heightened engagement with the world around you.

We find so many seeking a purpose for their lives without realizing that their very existence, living and contributing in thoughtful relationship to their world is a purpose all in itself.


I am inviting you to a program that is

both life-changing, and soul deepening

A friend once told me, “I thought I was a human body with a soul. Now I understand I am a Soul with a human body.” You are more than your stories or fears. You are the sons and daughters of all that you hold to be holy. One Infinite Energy beats in your heart and soul. Your devotion and union with it can change how you see yourself and what’s possible with your precious life.

Beginning next month I will be offering a Master Mentoring Program unlike any I have ever given. I believe that through union with the infinite aspect of our spiritual nature, we can activate dimensions of our lives that we never knew existed.

The Mystic Journey brings a new level of awareness

into every aspect of your life.

From my travels around the world, and as a professor of world religions I have developed Lessons, Guidelines and Practices that will enable you to access and sustain a Mystic Journey that will be unique for every person. Ultimately, I will offer this training to many, but for now, I will start with in-depth mentoring with groups of 12, where each student carefully trained and initiated into the practices of the Mystic Journey.


And as you reach out to the Highest in you, remember what Rumi says,

“What you seek is also seeking you.”

The Mystic Journey

Master Mentoring Program

Classes Start

November 18-21, 2022


December 9-12, 2022



“Behind every atom of this world hides an infinite universe.”



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