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January 18, 2023 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Happy 2023! Welcome to the American Sustainable Business Network’s weekly events and programming roundup. Each week you’ll receive one email featuring all of the upcoming events scheduled at ASBN.



Upcoming ASBN Live Webinars

Wednesday, January 18, 1pm ET – Climate Fingerprints: How Corporate Cash is Fueling the Climate Crisis, and What Businesses Can Do About It

Recognizing that traditional CSR reporting is incomplete, out of date and does not fully account for business decisions that have significant impact on the climate crisis, Seventh Generation launched its Climate Fingerprints report, outlining a new framework to comprehensively measure climate impact. The Climate Fingerprints framework factors in the impact of all areas where the company invests resources – including banking, marketing, insurance and more – acknowledging the impact that corporate cash has on supporting the fossil fuel industry. Join Seventh Generation, as well as representatives from the movement-leading advocacy organizations Seventh Generation partnered with in the creation of this new approach.

Panelists include:
– Mary Cerulli, Founder, Climate Finance Action
– Duncan Meisel, Executive Director, Clean Creatives
– Kate Ogden, Head of Advocacy and Movement Building, Seventh Generation
– Jeffrey Hollender, CEO & Co-Founder, American Sustainable Business Network


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Upcoming Working Group Meetings


Thursday, January 12, 1-2:30pm ET – Regenerative Agriculture and Justice | Contact [email protected] to participate

The Regenerative Agriculture and Justice working group strives to advance public policies for a more regenerative, just, and equitable food and agricultural system.


Friday, January 13, 12-1pm ET – ASBN-BizNGO Safer Chemicals Public Policy | Contact [email protected] to participate

The ASBN-BizNGO Safer Chemicals Public Policy Working group focuses on public policy initiatives at the state and federal level. In collaboration with BizNGO this working group features in-depth analyses by policy experts, monitors federal and state chemical policy initiatives, and engages in and comments on initiatives where we have expertise.


Thursday, January 19, 1pm ET – Livable Planet | Contact [email protected] to participate

The Livable Planet Working Group is dedicated to identifying systems and solutions that enable all life to thrive. We work together to enhance these living-systems, tending to personal, team, community and global wellbeing.




Partner Events


Thursday, January 12, 1-2pm CST – How to Develop a Kicka** Email and SMS Strategy for Sustainable Growth | GoodCarts Webinar

Email and SMS are powerful as they are the two marketing channels ecommerce brands actually “own.” When potential customers subscribe, you’ve been given special permission to enter into people’s inbox, which gives you a prime opportunity to build meaningful relationships. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

During this session, we’ll share the key lessons we’ve learned working with mission-driven brands to optimize their email and SMS strategies to drive sustainable growth.

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