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21 April 2012
Press Release, The Pinnacle Group International
For Immediate Release

Global CSR Awards 2012 – Top Organisations From China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore Honoured

Thirteen companies from China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore were recognized for their outstanding corporate social responsibility initiatives programs and services at the 4th Annual Global CSR Awards 2012 held in conjunction with The Global CSR 2012 Summit held on 19th April 2012 at the Shangri-La hotel, Boracay, Philippines, one of the world’s top beach destinations.. The competition has been the most intense this year with over 80 submissions from various companies around the world.
Atty. Michael Frederick Musngi, Undersecretary for Special Concerns at the Office of the Executive Secretary and Hon. Mayor John Yap, Municipal Mayor of Malay, Aklan presented the awards during the ceremony. “Its organizers deserve praise for recognizing innovation and rewarding the successful application of CSR programs that drive home the point that CSR is not just a strategy to win brownie points with the public, but a paradigm that businesses must adopt if their companies are to be truly successful at morphing into institutions that benefit shareholder and society alike,” said Musngi.
The annual Global CSR Awards, organized by The Pinnacle Group International is Asia’s most prestigious recognition awards program for Corporate Social Responsibility. The selection involved an in-depth process. They comprise firstly, the appointment of an independent panel of judges. They have been carefully selected to ensure the process was fair and objective and are made up of internationally recognized and respected judges from a variety of industry sectors and disciplines. Members of the judging committee are either rotated or newly appointed every year.
The announcement of the submission of entries is open to any organisations in the world. Initial screening will be conducted by the organising committee based on the screen criteria provided. Every single submission is being vigorously examined. After the initial screens, the finalists which passed the screens and are deemed to have outstanding submissions are presented to the judging committee for their final selection. Members of the judging committee are to declare any potential conflict of interest with the companies presented before proceeding and to abstain to vote on any of the companies where any such conflict surfaces.
The Global CSR 2012 Award Winners are:

Best Environmental Excellence Award

Gold: Kraft Foods Philippines
Silver: K. Raheja Corp. India
Bronze: Mercedes-Benz China

Best Community Program Award

Gold: Procter & Gamble Philippines
Silver: FedEx Express
Bronze: Standard Chartered Bank India

Best Workplace Practices Award

Gold: FedEx Express
Silver: One Meralco Foundation Philippines
Bronze: Kulim Malaysia Berhad

CSR Leadership Award

Gold: Eddie J. Soebari of PT Bumi Resources Indonesia
Silver: Ryukichi Kawaguchi of San Roque Corporation Philippines
Bronze: Michael Heng of Energycorp Global Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Product Excellence Award

Gold: DHL Singapore
Silver: Procter & Gamble Philippines
Bronze: YTL Corporation Berhad Malaysia

The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2011 was well-attended and attracted over 150 delegates from around the world from top corporations and foundations. The prestigious event was supported by Team Energy Foundation, Metro Pacific Investments, Huawei, BusinessWorld, Petron, San Roque Power Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Astro, Energycorp Global Pte Ltd, PT Adaro, DHL, Kulim Malaysia Berhad, Mongolian Mining Corporation, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Oceana Gold, Star Energy, Vale and Global Business Power Corporation.

The event was covered by leading media agencies, associations and NGOs including CSR Europe, ACNNewswire, Asian e Marketing, Boracay Global Press Corps, EcoSeed, Media Buzz, Eco-Business, Asia Today, Asean Biz Times, Business Mirror, Ethical Markets, Just Means and World CSR Day.



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