Electric Vehicles 2011: Technology, Economics, and Market

kristy Green Prosperity, Resource Efficiency

GTM Research releases its latest Smart Grid report! Electric Vehicles 2011: Technology, Economics, and Market is a comprehensive account of the strategic opportunities created by the electri?cation of personal transport. .

Visit the report website for a complete table of contents and to purchase the report today: http://www.greentechmedia.com/research/report/electric-vehicles-2011-technology-economics-and-market


Growth analysis and investment flows for global EV market through 2015.
Breakdown of current EV economics and opportunities for reducing capital, battery and EV operating costs.
Examination of supply-side manufacturer capacities and constraints to growth.
Analysis of demand-side cost benefits, deployment programs and infrastructure constraints.
Over 30 strategic profiles of car manufacturers and charging structure infrastructure providers.


What technologies and companies are vying for market share?
How fast will the market grow and what will drive growth?
What other infrastructure elements will be required and what are the prospects for those?
Are there alternative business models that might help address obstacles?
How competitive are EVs relative to ICEs today, and how is this competitiveness expected to change over time?
Which technologies will win, and what investment strategies are available to capitalize on that insight?

Electric Vehicles 2011: Technology, Economics, and Market contains critical intelligence for consultants, market analysts, investment, and solar industry professionals. You can learn more at the report’s website: http://www.greentechmedia.com/research/report/electric-vehicles-2011-technology-economics-and-market