Egypt: Harbinger of A New Era

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From John Perkins

Dear Friends,

The events in Egypt point to a new balance of power between the people and the corporatocracy. I was an economic hit man in Egypt in the 1970s, as well as in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East. I’ve been asked many questions about the recent political uprisings in Egypt and want to share a few insights.

Current events in the Middle East are indicative of this new era when we the people are taking back our power. It started in Latin America where 10 countries – that for many years had been ruled by CIA-supported dictators – elected presidents who are standing up to the corporatocracy. Now a similar movement is seeding itself in the Middle East.

Egypt is finally taking a stance against the tyrannical rule of Hosni Mubarak who, along with his own secret service and help from the CIA and U.S. aid agencies, has created unbearable conditions for most of the citizens. (Excluding Iraq and Afghanistan, Egypt is the second largest recipient of U.S. foreign and military aid, behind Israel.)

It is estimated that 40 percent of Egyptians live below or close to the poverty line. Mubarak’s rule is symbolic of many countries where the corporatocracy (in the name of democracy) puts people in power specifically so they will maintain the wealthiest and greediest status quo – a system benefiting those who least need benefits.

An important lesson from the Middle East is that we must call on ourselves to initiate change. It is time to say “No” to corporatocracy robber barons who have stolen our countries. In the U.S., the economic crises, in addition to wars and governmental policies that benefit Big Business, should provide inspiration enough to motivate us into taking action. Until recently our laws were made by elected officials, but now they are crafted by corporate lobbyists.

Governments that focus their policies primarily on attaining higher profit-margins for the wealthiest few are, without exception, corrupt governments. When people are starving, do not have adequate healthcare, work under sub-standard conditions and endure environmental hazards – all for the sake of a wealthy few – then it is time to throw out that government.

I’m often asked if I think democracy is a good system in comparison to others, despite its flaws. I answer that I favor democracy. However, I fear our present form of government in the U.S. does not meet the definition of democracy—or of a Republic.

In fact the “democracy” and “republic” the EHMs [economic hit men] and jackals peddle to other countries is a misnomer, a mutant aimed at creating a better bottom line for investors, while shutting down the possibility of significant advancement for the majority of the citizens. When the people revolt, the rulers hustle to secure their plans to escape from accepting responsibility for the injustices caused by their policies. We are seeing that now with Mubarak in Egypt.

I urge you to support these movements around the globe – including in the U.S. But right now, today, let’s stand behind the people of Egypt. Support their quest for a just and sustainable government. Demand that everyone has the right to freedom of expression and battle against tyranny. And please join my Facebook page where I will post more updates on Egypt and other amazing revolts against corporatocracy.

Let’s join together to support the drive toward a freer world for ALL.


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