Earth Charter Podcast-Interview with Hazel Henderson

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“The Earth Charter developed over decades with feedback from worldwide groups, is truly the companion declaration to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ratified by the United Nations (UN ) in 1948.  Since the launching of the Earth Charter  in 2000, in the inspiring ceremony in the Peace Palace, the Hague, at which I was present, the human family has expanded it perspectives beyond our vital, indivisible human rights. The Earth Charter’s 16 Principles accept human responsibility for our use and total reliance on the planet’s biosphere and all other species.  Thus, more humans now accept the Earth Charter as our declaration of human responsibilities.  While millions in all countries now embrace the Earth Charter and this recognition of human responsibility, the Charter  still needs full UN  recognition as complementing The  Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as we address our role in climate change in this Anthropocene.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

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