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May 19, 2013
Joining Hands for Beaches
This past Saturday, Hands Across the Sand participants joined hands at beaches across the world to protest offshore drilling, deepwater drilling and offshore seismic testing. Hands Across the Sand’s mission is to ensure “the protection of our coastal economies, oceans,…
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Concern Grows Over Fracking Public Lands
On May 16, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced new rules for fracking – or hydraulic fracturing – on public lands that environmental groups say do not go far enough to protect public health. There are more than 1 million fracked wells across the U.S.…
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The Price of Red Lips
Metals and Other Toxins Are Found in Most Lipsticks
red lipstick
As a child I intently watched my mother put on bright red lipstick every morning before work. Even when she didn’t use a mirror, her lipstick always looked flawless. Recently, my mother asked me about the ingredients in her favorite red lipstick. Throughout my toxicology…
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What a Waste!
Food Advocates Call for Grocery Stores to Combat Food Waste
At Andronico’s Community Markets in California, not all of the apples are perfectly round and shiny. In fact, some are blemished or oddly shaped, while others are a half-inch smaller than the standard size. These imperfect apples aren’t priced like their…
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Copenhagen—By Bike
Copenhagen Offers Green Spaces, Eco-Friendly Hotels and Organic Restaurants
Copenhagen has long been synonymous with cycling. With the city representing a green destination on the global radar, not only have the possibilities for public pedal power increased, but eco-friendliness is now reflected in the city’s restaurants, cafés, and hotels


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Slice of Life: The Face of Climate Change
Earth Day Network’s Interactive Digital Mosaic Shows Scenes of Destruction and Hope
The theme of this year’s Earth Day celebration was “The Face of Climate Change.” Visitors to the Earth Day Network site submitted photos of environmental problems and solutions that were shown on digital displays across the globe.
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Fighting for Air
How Climate Change Is Leading to More Ozone, More Pollen and More Asthma Problems
Jalyssa Moore was three years old when she had her first asthma attack. “When she woke up that morning, she was breathing really heavy,” says her mom, Kesher Moore, who lives with her two daughters in Bridgeport, Connecticut. “She was complaining she couldn’t…
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Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Supplies
Dear EarthTalk: I’m concerned about toxic ingredients in my cleaning supplies, especially now that I have young children. Where can I find safer alternatives?

—Betsy E., Hartford, CT

It is true that many household cleaners contain potentially toxic substances, so parents…

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Dust Bowl Days Are Here Again
Dear EarthTalk: Could it really be true that we are in the midst of the worst drought in the United States since the 1930s?

– Deborah Lynn, Needham, MA

Indeed we are embroiled in what many consider the worst drought in the U.S. since the “Dust Bowl” days of the 1930s…

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May/June 2013

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