Decentralized Global Rebellion: G8 On The Run; Occupy News Roundup; American Police State; Move To Amend

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This Is NOT What Democracy Looks Like! Criminalizing First Amendment Rights

If laws like the new Trespass Bill (HR 347) had been in effect during the Civil Rights movement, there would have been no March on Washington. Martin Luther King Jr. and his fellow activists would have been rendered criminals. And King’s call for “militant nonviolent resistance” would have been silenced by police in riot gear. … Read More >>


Decentralized Global Rebellion: G8 On The Run; Occupy News Roundup; American Police State; Move To Amend

Facing Global Protest, G8 Retreats | #Occupy News Roundup | How to Fund an American Police State | Thousands Protest Soaring Education Cuts | “This Is Our Land:” Lakota Form Human Blockade to Stop Tar Sands Trucks | Tech Firms Help Arab Dictators | Vermont Town Meetings Will Move to Amend … Read More >>


Hot List: Richest 1% Swipe 93% of All Income Gains; Robber Barons Continue to Rake in Billions; Market Recovery Is Illusion

Richest 1% Swipe 93% of All Income Gains | Wall Street speculators continue to rake in billions | SEC Dropped the Ball on $7 Billion Ponzi Scheme | Goldman’s Massive Conflicts of Interest | Gaming the Greek bailout | Market Recovery Is an Illusion | BP to Pay $7.8 Billion | Legality of Targeted Killings of US Citizens Overseas … Read More >>


#GetMoneyOut News Roundup: Abolish Corporate Personhood; It?s Not Just Citizens United; Super Tuesday?s Big Winner; Will Lawmakers Return Stolen Money?

Voters Back Grassroots Campaign to Abolish Corporate Personhood | It?s Not Just Citizens United | FEC?s bad rap getting worse | Super Tuesday?s winner: Big-money politics | Most Former Members Of Congress Work In Lobbying | Stanford’s been convicted, will lawmakers return stolen money? | Super PAC aims to wrest grip of incumbents … Read More >>


LulzSec Cyber Activists Arrested With Help of Hacking Group?s Former Leader ? Is Julian Assange Next? (Video & Full Indictments)

The hacktivists were turned in by none other than the group?s own leader. Lulzsec?s chief hacker was Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known by his alias ?Sabu.? Apparently, Monsegur was caught last summer and – according to the FBI – has been working as an informant ever since…. Read More >>

Wall Street Whistleblowers Get the Silent Treatment From Washington

What?s worse: to be persecuted and indicted for trying to expose an act of wrongdoing — or to be ignored for doing so? The Obama administration has set a record by accusing no fewer than six government employees, who allegedly leaked classified information to reporters, of violating the Espionage Act, a draconian law dating back to 1917. Yet when it comes to workers who have risked their careers to expose misconduct in the corporate and financial arena, the government has often left whistleblowers feeling isolated and discouraged. … Read More >>

Mic Check! The People Speak ? Part 1: Tom Morello, Nomi Prins, Shepard Fairey, Miles Mogulescu, Margaret Flowers, Danny Goldberg, Stephen Marshall, Glen Ford and Lee Camp

Editor’s Note: The following is the first of a new seven-part series featuring statements from occupiers, organizers and supporters of the 99% Movement. The statements are excerpted from the new book, “The Economic Elite Vs. The People: 99% Movement Call to Action.” In this installment, we feature comments from Tom Morello, Nomi Prins, Shepard Fairey, Miles Mogulescu, Margaret Flowers, Danny Goldberg, Stephen Marshall, Glen Ford and Lee Camp. … Read More >>

The 99% Are Not For Sale ? AmpedStatus Stays True to Its Roots, 100% United to Get Money Out, March 1 Relaunch

Given our role in building the 99% Movement, A99 and Occupy, we have had several offers from people who are interested in buying the site from us. While we believe some of the people making offers have the best intentions and want to help keep our ?readers? engaged, selling the site would ultimately make us feel like sellouts. So? we are going back to our roots and will start posting here on a regular basis again. The past six months have been an intense battle and wild ride, to say the least. Knowing that we still have far to go, we are now focusing our efforts on ONE GOAL and launching a new 100% United campaign. … Read More >>

Join the Get Money Out Army! 100% United to End the System of Political Bribery

No matter what your issues of concern are ? healthcare, education, foreclosures, unemployment, the environment, war, debt, etc. ? when you get to the root of that particular problem, it all boils down to the system of political bribery. Through campaign finance, lobbying and the revolving door between Washington and the most powerful global corporations, our government has been bought off. If you’re ready to fight the global financial interests that are occupying our country, join this decentralized non-violent movement. … Read More >>


Economic Elite Vs. The People: 99% Movement Call to Action Two Year Anniversary Book Release

Editor’s Note: History should record that the birth of the 99% Movement was on September 17, 2011. That was when the movement became a household name known to the masses. However, the 99% Movement was conceived exactly two years ago, with the release of an online report and call to action titled “The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States of America.” The report was originally released as a six-part series. The first part was published on February 15, 2010 and the last part was published on February 27, 2010.

To celebrate the two year anniversary, we are reissuing the report with a new introduction recapping the history and evolution of the movement, from the experience of researching and writing the original call to action, to building up the movement online and organizing occupations worldwide. At the end of the book, we feature statements from occupiers, organizers and supporters of the 99%.

2012 Introduction
By David DeGraw, AmpedStatus Report

I: Respect to the Leaders & Support the Troops
II: On Writing the 99% Call to Action: Economic Elite Vs. The People
III: Time for a Second American Revolution – The 99% Movement
IV: Decentralized Global Rebellion
V: A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion
VI: Occupy Wall Street 1.0
VII: Anonymous & Occupy Wall Street Leaders Exposed
VIII: Get Money Out of Politics & Bernanke Must Go
IX: Disclaimer On the Original Report & Call to Action
X: Mic Check: The People Speak

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Archive of David DeGraw?s Reports

Archive of David DeGraw’s Reports

To coincide with the relaunch of AmpedStatus and the Economic Elite Vs. The People book release, we are featuring this archive of David DeGraw’s reports. Including praise from wide range of people such as William K. Black, Dylan Ratigan, Deepak Choprah, Russell Simmons, Russell Brand, Michael Hudson and more. … Read More >>