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September 2014

Stakeholder Engagement Experts, Aligning Power with Purpose

“Coopetition”: A radical approach to sustainability 

As the world faces daunting social and environmental challenges, brands must not only be ready to react, but anticipate what’s on the horizon. The Transition500 Alliance, of which Future 500 is a founding member, works collectively across 15 markets in Europe, North America and Asia to provide sustainability counsel that marries pressing global issues with key stakeholders. And the demand only continues to grow. Read more below from Justmeans.

Also below, find out how corporations and communities can mutually benefit through increased engagement, how on-the-ground urban activism reflects the heartbeat of its city, and how the sharing economy is giving old cloth industry a run for its money.

Don’t forget: Future 500 has numerous happenings coming up starting this month! Learn more in the Events section below.

Latest News

The Transition500 Alliance Approach 

The Transition500 Alliance was recently highlighted in Justmeans as a “radical” approach to global sustainability. We couldn’t agree more, but expect that, in time, this approach will be viewed as less radical and more the norm. Read more

Building Bridges Between Communities and Corporations

Future 500 Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Rebecca Busse, recently published a piece in Resources Global Network on the importance of community-corporate engagement. Rebecca highlights that cultivating consent is key to negating risk and encouraging open, long-term dialogue. Read more

Helping to Bring San Francisco Together, One District at a Time

Our It’s Your District series continues this month with a guest blog post from Director Elizabeth De Nola. Elizabeth discusses how remaining motivated and involved in the welfare of one’s community (or District) is vital to the heartbeat of San Francisco, and beyond, and involves a great deal of on-the-ground stakeholder engagement. Read more from our blog.

The New Sharing Economy

Future 500’s Bill Shireman argues in the Huffington Post that the sharing economy and micro-capitalism are the new market “demons” as 20th century industries clamor to compete with popular services like Airbnb and Uber. Read more


Unexpected Views on a Carbon Tax, from Right-to-Left

Australia just repealed one, South Africa is just getting one, and British Columbia has a popular one that nobody seems to know about. In the United States, it is generating ever more divisiveness – or is it?

Discover the unexpected areas where the Right and the Left agree and disagree on a carbon tax. Learn their thoughts on innovation and energy policy through a thought-provoking panel co-organized by the R Street Institute and Future 500. Moderated by David Baker, Energy & Clean Tech reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, the panel will be held on September 16th at the Impact Hub in San Francisco and will feature Ted Nordhaus of the Breakthrough Institute, Andrew Moylan of the R Street Institute, Jeremy Carl of the Hoover Institution, and Future 500’s Bill Shireman.

Learn more about the event here and get tickets here.


Reserve Your Seat Today!

Join Future 500 and 25 senior executives from some of the world’s leading companies at our 5th Annual Executive Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement. The event kicks off on November 11th and 12th, 2014, at the historic Eco-resort at Cavallo Point, just outside of San Francisco. This year’s theme is Uncommon Collaborations to Drive Systemic Change. As with prior sessions, we will focus on skill-building and best-practices and will present our predictions for the Top 10 Issues that will drive stakeholder activism toward companies in 2015. Click here for the latest agenda and to sign up.


Join Future 500’s Rebecca Busse on October 9th as she moderates Responsible Actions in Supply Chains: Conflict Minerals in Electronics. The event is hosted by the Center for Responsible Business of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and will include Michael Jacobson, Director of Intel’s Corporate Responsibility Office, and Patricia Jurewicz, Founder and Director of the Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN), a project of As You Sow. Learn more about the event here as well as how to attend


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