Consultation Forum on TV’s, 16/10 2008

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Hereby a short news about yesterday’s meeting on EU regulation on energy efficiency of TV’s.
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Consultation Forum on TV’s, 16/10 2008
Unofficiel report, Gunnar, INFORSE-Europe
Proposals for standards and labels for TV.
The proposal is briefly:
-all TV’s sold from mid 2010 should have an label (A-G) and a maximum consumption according to a formula with a base consumption (20 W) and a consumption per m2 (432 W/m2 for normal TV’s and 12% higher for full high-definition), which will force the worst 20-25% of 2008-model TV’s out of the market
-all TV’s sold after 1/1 2013 should have 20% lower consumption, which will force 55-60% of the 2008-models out of the market.
-mandatory labelling for TV’s after same formula (base consumption + consumption per m2)
We proposed a number of issues including stronger requirements, hard switch off, lower efficiency class for the largest TV’s (a malus function in the labelling).
Germany also proposed a hard switch off, and then the Commission proposed that maybe the label should show it when a hard switch off or a 0 Watt mode was available on the TV. Netherlands was against.
We did not get a ‰malus function‰ for the larger TV’s: The Commission and the countries find that Ecodesign is an efficiency measure, not a measure to reduce consumption as such (by promoting smaller TV’s). This is a kind of philosophical discussion that we must deal with on an overall level.
For thye stronger requirements, there was little discussion, but we from NGOs (the organisation ECOS) will push further on it because California has plans to set higher standards than the EU.
Germany proposed automatic power down after e.g. 3 hours of no user-interaction. This was supported by us, consumers, UK. The Commission asked the TV makers to consider what it would cost to include it. It is already included for the Settop-boxes.
The TV industry (repr. by EICTA) proposed to postpone second phase and in general make requirements less strong.
Next CF is on White Goods: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, 1 ? days. Probably end of November.
The countries will meet and decide upon proposals for external power supplies 17/10 (today) and on domestic lighting, 6/12 (the big issue one phase out of incandescent light).