Conference on Practical Models for Peace – Israel – Oct. 27-30, 2011

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At a time of rising turmoil and polarization – a time that calls for new thinking,
  new vision, new understanding, and new ways of relating in an increasingly
  interconnected and interdependent world.

The 3rd out of 4 major conferences CBI holds this year in 3 countries:


International Conference on
Practical Models For Peace: 
Making a Difference Now

October 27-30 , 2011 
Wahat Al Salaam/Neve Shalom, Israel

In the midst of frustration, impasse, and animosity,
there is another story of practical hope and healing….
A new annual multi-disciplinary conference series
promoting support for successful peace programs
in Israel and Palestine

Sponsored by:
Common Bond Institute, Wahat Al Salaam/Neve Shalom,
International Humanistic Psychology Association

Endorsed by
an international list of over 100 organizations and universities

Official Partner of:
Charter For Compassion & Parliament of World’s Religions

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Registration Open to All

Bringing together existing exemplary and successful best practices
for ending the conflict in the Middle East,
from programs in each society
to compelling joint efforts by partners from all sides

An international meeting of presenters, dialogue facilitators, and peace building organizations gathering for 4 days of engaged dialogue, sharing successful models and methods for healing and building peace in the Middle East, addressing intergenerational trauma, victim identities, and challenges faced, exploring possibilities for mutual support and strategic collaboration, action planning, and raising global public awareness of and support for important, beneficial work being done.

By design, the conference focuses on engaged dialogue and deliberation by all participants, with prepared presentations (workshops, topical panels, and keynotes) providing specific learning and stimulus for processing in facilitated dialogue and action planning groups woven throughout each day.
Workshops   Practical presentations   Topical roundtables   Daily facilitated dialogue and action planning groups   Keynote speakers   Virtual participation from other countries   Rich networking and cooperation   Multi-cultural community   Cultural events and performances   Displays

Virtual Participation: In addition to on-site presenters, key individuals and groups of participants from other countries will be Skyped into the conference for real-time, 2-way participation during plenary sessions.

DATES:  Conference and Post-Conference Cultural Programs
4-Day Conference Program (Oct. 27-30)
2-Day (optional) Post-Conference Cultural Program (Oct. 31 & Nov 1)

LOCATION:  Wahat Al Salaam/Neve Shalom (WASNS), Doar Na Shimshon 99761 Israel  To underscore existing possibilities for peace, the conference is held at WASNS – a setting of practical hope and healing that is a remarkable 40 year model for successful reconciliation, co-existence, and harmony in the heart of this region of conflict.

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Common Bond Institute
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Steve Olweean, Conference Co-coordinator
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