Coke, Ford join forces to juice supply of plant-based plastic

kristy Nature/Biomimicry

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Coke, Ford join forces to juice supply of plant-based plastic
By Amy Westervelt

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and several other Fortune 500 companies are working to address the supply shortages that have stymied the goal of make the 100-percent plant-based plastic bottle ubiquitous….Read More

Why are institutional investors ignoring climate change risk?
By Robert Kropp

An analysis by Ceres and Fund Votes of 2011 proxy voting reveals that the three largest mutual funds failed to vote in favor of a single climate-related resolution….Read More

Bank of America’s $50B green initiative: Mighty or misplaced?
By Heather Clancy

Critics say the goals are a step in the right direction, but the bank’s priorities could be better invested elsewhere….Read More

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In Other News

The cost of disaster: Putting a price tag on climate change
By Ann Goodman

In this era of apparently mounting natural disasters worldwide one might ask: How much do such disasters cost? How are the costs calculated?…Read More

How energy benchmarking can boost your building’s efficiency
By David Pospisil

Energy benchmarking can help building owners understand their property’s energy use and compare performance to identify the most efficient sites….Read More

How to engage employees: Advice from four leaders
By Ellen Weinreb

Learn how to best engage employees from strategies recently offered at the Sustainable Brands conference….Read More

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Get Your Geek On

Watching the clock: A judge’s-eye view
By Ted Howes and BSR

What can a group of 150 makers, doers, jammers, geeks, freaks, and designers create in just 30 hours?…Read More

Busting through the clay layer: A developer’s-eye view
By Dan Riegel

The second postcard in a series from the Reinvent Business hackathon in San Francisco….Read More

Audacity and hope over digital apps: An arbiter?s-eye view
By Liz Maw

The third postcard in a series from the Reinvent Business hackathon in San Francisco….Read More

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An Electric Rescue

Can electric vehicles jumpstart Saab?
By News

A Chinese biomass power plant company — National Modern Energy — and Sun Investment have bought the bankrupt automaker and plan to turn it into an electric-car company….Read More