CircleUp Launches ‘Circles,’ Diversified Funds for Consumer Goods Companies

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crowdsourcing.orgWednesday, May 7

CircleUp Launches Diversified Funds for Consumer Product Companies — CircleUp, an equity crowdfunding platform for consumer goods companies, announced last week the launch of diversified investment funds, which it calls ‘Circles.’ Circles come in two varieties: investor led and thematic. Both allow accredited investors to invest money in a fund, rather than a specific company.


uTest Rebrands to Applause, Announces Testhub Acquisition

The rename to Applause comes with the introduction of a 360 degree app quality dashboard. This will enable clients to manage a suite of app quality tools and analytics; because its outlook is expanding, the company felt that it needed to change the name, said Applause chief marketing and strategy officer Matt Johnston.

Human Rights Watch Funding a Documentary Video on Kickstarter

Human Rights Watch (HRW), the international ngo that investigates, exposes, and advocates against human rights abuses, wants to create a video about palliative healthcare in Mexico, and it needs the crowd’s help to fund the project.

Mawwell Wants to Help Entrepreneurs in Europe, Mideast, and Africa Fund Ideas

Given the middle east and North Africa’s potential as a hotbed for crowdfunding activity, there are hopeful entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves as leaders in the field. One of these entrepreneurs is Joanna Truffaut, director at Mawwell (“fund” in Arabic), a recently launched crowdfunding platform focused on the Middle East, Africa, as well as Europe.

Managing an Accredited Investor Crowdfunding Project [Part I]

Thomas Vass, owner and manager of The Private Capital Market, a fee-based subscription crowdfunding site, writes in to discuss the need for trust between a company’s founders and investors, and looks at how webinars can replace traditional face-to-face meetings with potential investors.

A Springtime Review

Crowdfunding expert Rose Spinelli writes in with her weekly tip of the week. With the weather finally hinting at spring, she uses the opportunity to put together a list of tips to remind the readers of effective crowdfunding strategies.

Critical Success Factors for Crowdsourced Software Testing [Webinar]

Check out this webinar to learn when, where, and how to apply crowdsourced testing for maximum benefits from your quality assurance program. Critical success factors common to successful crowdtesting projects will revealed through real case studies from projects in different domains.

Why Bitcoin is Good for Crowdsourcing

Ernesto Spruyt, co-founder of Mobbr Crowd Payments, writes in to discuss the new economic model created by crowdsourcing, and how existing payment methods fail to service the industry.


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Apple has had a tough run of it since the public finally got its hands on the new iPhone 5 and the new Apple Maps that replace Google’s in iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. The problem seems to be a failure in smoothing out the kinks that come with utilizing disparate data sources to create a single, unified maps product. The solution lies in the crowd.

2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report

Massolution recently published the 2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report. It is a definitive guide to available crowdfunding software and solutions providers. This report will guide you to the choices for building the platform you want, whether it is for donations, rewards, lending, equity, or royalty; whether it is a new site, an addition to an existing one, or a single campaign; whether you do it yourself or hire a provider.

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