Carpe Diem

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The momentum for systemic economic change is building! Occupy Wall
Street has spread from New York to Boston, Chicago, LA and other
American cities. These protests may be spontaneous, but they are not as
unfocused as the media might have us think. They are clear expressions
of anger about key aspects of the economy; inequality, corporate
political power, unemployment, and predatory finance.

Let’s seize the opportunity to educate and engage this growing audience
about our best ideas for building a just and sustaining economy. NEN is
preparing to set up a resource table at Liberty Square to promote the
work of our members. Please send NEN:

1. Handouts or flyers about your organization or work that NEN can

2. Short, accessible educational materials on key issues, for example:


Race and Inequality
Tax Reform
Shared Wealth and the Commons
Resilient local economies
Rebuilding the Middle Class

Corporate Power

Constitutional Amendments to limit corporate personhood
Corporate Charter accountability
Campaign Finance Reform, Public Financing of elections
New forms of business ownership and governance- workers,
cooperatives, B-corps


Jobs not Cuts-supporting the Jobs Act
National Infrastructure Bank
State banks
Supporting local small business and agriculture
Green jobs
Restructuring Military Spending

Financial Reform

Financial Transaction Tax
Enforcing Dodd- Frank
Housing finance and mortgage reform
High Velocity Trading
Glass Steagall and other additional regulations

3. If you have books, magazines and other materials FOR SALE,
please let us know the price INCLUDING SALES TAX, if you accept
checks and if so to whom the checks should be made out, and
where receipts should be sent.

One page black and white materials can be sent electronically
to [email protected] and NEN will print,
everything else should be Fed- Exed to:
Sarah Stranahan, 300 Central Park West, Apt. 1A, New York, NY

STAY TUNED: NEN is hoping to organize teach-ins and opportunities
for our members to speak directly to the occupiers.

Please consider organizing a New Economy Resource
table in your own city. If you need support , please contact
[email protected]

Toward an Economy that Supports People and the Planet

Sarah Stranahan, New Economy Network coordinator