Bloomberg Businessweek,”Jeremy Grantham’s $1 Billion Plan to Fight Climate Change ” ,January 21, 2019

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“Ethical Markets considers Jeremy Grantham one of a handful of well-recognized major investors who actually understands Earth Systems Science and how our planet functions in relationship to our “mother star“  the sun in  creating our food system!  Unlike narrower -minded, more myopic investors e.g. Warren Buffett, as well as most institutional fund asset managers and consultants, Jeremy Grantham also understands soil science!

We agree with his prognosis for our species on this planet, which is why we publish our annual Green Transition Scoreboard ® (free download from )and why we communicate mostly with  fossil-free portfolio managers, family offices and HNWIs, who are freer thinkers and invest, as Grantham does, in pure play start-ups ….as I do personally.

Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO), is famous for predicting doom. And he’s famous for being right, with a remarkable record of spotting investment bubbles before they pop, notably the 2000 tech …