April 2012 Impact Quarterly

kristy SRI/ESG News

With much pride I read the front page article in the International Herald Tribune recently about Bangladesh, which was once known as a land of disaster is now known as a land of success. Yes, my country still has its share of problems and hurdles, but the tireless work of many NGOs coupled with effective public policies and private sector initiatives has resulted in the country being a front runner in sustainable development and women’s advancement in South Asia.

This pride of mine spills over to the fantastic work that Social Enterprises are doing across Asia and the role impact investing is playing in helping them grow. Many of the NGOs of the past are the Social Enterprises of today and they are continuing to forge ahead with their work in sustainable growth and development. In order to help Social Enterprises more effectively raise capital from Impact Investors, we recently launched Impact Partners 2.0. If you haven’t yet, please do check out Impact Partners 2.0 which makes it even easier for investors and Social Enterprises to connect.

Our work at IIX and Shujog of the past few years is culminating into our largest gathering yet in Impact Forum 2012. With the theme of ‘Igniting Capital Markets for Social Good’, Impact Forum is gearing up to be an exciting amalgamation of Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, Public Policy Makers and the Eco System Partners. Our special thanks go to our supporters Asian Development Bank, Singapore Tourism Board, National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre, Bloomberg Media, SASA, Prestige Magazine, and the list continues…

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