An Amazing New Partnership And A Time To Make A Change America

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July 8, 2014 10:30 AM EST


An Amazing New Partnership And 

A Time To Make A Change America


Washington, D.C. July 8, 2014  


The International Green Energy Council is excited to officially endorse North American Power as our partner for energy deregulation for both electricity and natural gas in every state they offer service.  We have spent the past two years carefully evaluating the landscape of deregulation and looking for the company that has the greatest benefit for our members, as well as the greatest impact for our country as a whole.  North American Power was the clear choice among all of the other companies supplying energy. 


North American Power serves more than 300,000 customers and provides energy services in more than 50 utilities in 11 states.  As of April 2014, Customers of North American Power have avoided 2,830,000,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions.  That is the equivalent of eliminating 2,900,000 barrels of oil or 6,800 rail cars filled with coal.  It’s also equivalent to planting 32,000,000 million trees and growing them for 10 years or recycling 1,015,000,000 lbs. of waste instead of putting it into a landfill (CO2 Statistics calculated here:  Furthermore, North American Power has created a program that provides multiple benefits to our members, while focusing on providing long-term support for the International Green Energy Council to assist us financially in carrying out our own initiatives. 


“This new partnership gives IGEC members the opportunity to purchase their electricity and/or natural gas from renewable energy resources which helps our nation in reducing its carbon emissions and makes a difference in the education of our children about energy and environmental stewardship through the IGEC’s educational initiative.  It also allows us to continue our mission to certify American veterans in green job training through our Green Jobs Corps™ program.  Both of these initiatives move our nation toward a viable and achievable National Energy Security plan,” says Ralph Avallone, Secretary General of the International Green Energy Council.


By choosing North American Power, members will not only be supporting sustainable energy, but will also be able to participate in several opportunities and benefits offered by the company.  This begins with North American Power’s innovative customer referral program, which provides customers with the chance to earn their energy supply for free and/or an additional income opportunity for simply referring their friends and family.  The company is also dedicated to giving back to the community, having donated more than $1 million dollars to charity in just three years.  And we are excited to announce that, in support of furthering the green energy movement, our members will also be helping generate long-term funding for the International Green Energy Council, every single month, as a customer of North American Power. 


“We could not be happier and we certainly couldn’t ask for a better scenario,” continues Avallone, “Our members receive multiple benefits when they select North American Power as their energy supplier.  At the same time, the International Green Energy Council receives monthly funding from North American Power when members become and remain a customer.  In this way, we can all make a significant positive impact on the environment together.”


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The IGEC is an international advocacy association comprised of individuals and companies that promote sustainable and renewable energy production, sustainable design practices, and education for being better stewards of the environment. The Council works internationally to facilitate green business opportunities. The IGEC is comprised of renewable energy companies, developers, lending institutions, manufacturers, investors, engineers and many others involved throughout the green community.


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