Algae Bloom Remediation Workshop, May 21-22 – Registration Now Open?????

Jay Owen Earth Systems Science




Algae Bloom Remediation Workshop


Dates: May 21-22, 2019 (Tues. & Wed.)

Broward County Library Downtown – Auditorium

100. S. Andrews Ave, Ft. Lauderdale 33001


The algae bloom situation is affecting tourism, fishing, real estate and local economies. While algae bloom research, testing and monitoring is ongoing within the State of Florida, collaboration and open communication on fixing the existing algae bloom and HAB problems need to be addressed.  National Algae Association, is the first non-profit algae association to focus on education, production and algae bloom remediation trade association in the world, made up of commercially-minded algae researchers, producers,  remediation and equipment companies in the US and throughout the world, would like to extend an invitation to your organization to become a sponsor for our Algae Bloom Workshop we are facilitating in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.


NAA has invited commercially-minded algae bloom researchers, remediation and equipment companies to discuss differences between algae blooms created by phosphorous and nitrogen as well as toxic hazardous algae blooms (HAB’s) to discuss the following subjects below to educate and address potential algae bloom remediation solutions using technologies that can be proven outside the lab and are scalable.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Call for Presentations

                                 Confirmed topics to date: (closing date Feb, 28th)


“Mitigation of red tides and other HABs using modified clay; present status and future challenges”, Donald Anderson, Senior Scientist, Biology Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


“Red Tide and Blue Green Algae Blooms: Sustainable Solutions for Agriculture, Industry, Environment, and Economy”. Keith Ervin, CEO, Omega Material Sciences


“Algae and Algal Toxin Mitigation/Remediation Using  Ozone Infused Nano Bubbles Technology(NBOT). A Green Scalable Solution”. Peter Moeller PhD., NOAA


“Cost Effective Method to Remove Phosphorus from Water Bodies”. James Gaspard, Biochar Now.


“Mobile microalgae removal barge to prevent harmful algal blooms using large-scale, plate and frame, filter press with cellulose addition”. Kevin Shurtleff, Utah Valley University


“A new biological approach to healthy lakes, ponds and waterways”.
Rick Anderson, TRM Biologics, Inc


“Bloom Foam: Transforming green water into green consumer products”.
Ryan Hunt, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, ALGIX


“Remediating Harmful Algal Blooms & Related Toxins with Non-Invasive Open-Cell Foam Technology”  Scott Smith, CEO, AquaFlex,Holdings, LLC.


(more to come…)


Can we solve this problem?

Open Collaboration + Innovation = Algae Bloom Remediation


Areas of discussion:

1.    Differences between algae blooms and HAB’s
2.    Existing Algae Bloom Testing and Monitoring
3.    Commercial algae bloom technologies proven outside the lab, scalable with a low              CAPEX.
4.    Collaboration opportunities between algae bloom researchers and private industry.
5.    Pilot tests and monitoring progress on remediation and dewatering methods
6.    Potential co-products made from algae blooms.
7.    Current state and federal legislation in the State of Florida
8.    Funding available for remediation.


$1500 – Company recognition on our website, membership in NAA’s exclusive

‘Dealing With Algae Blooms’ and inclusion in all advertisements for the Workshop

and two attendee passes to the Workshop.


$250 – Attendance fee

For further information contact: [email protected] or join us