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2016 EthicMark® Awards Call for Nominations; Winners to be Announced at The SRI Conference on November 10, 2016

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (March 17, 2016) Nominations are open until June 17th for the 2016 EthicMark® Awards for ads and media campaigns that “uplift the human spirit and society.” Winners will be announced during The SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing, November 9–11, 2016, in Denver, CO (

The nomination period is open to ads and media campaigns. Nominated ads and campaigns can be produced by businesses, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. Nominations should be submitted on the EthicMark® website:

The EthicMark® Awards seek to transform advertising by demonstrating the power of media campaigns to further both the public interest and legitimate private interests.

“After the success of our 10th annual awards, this new season should bring even more exciting new campaigns from all over the world,” said Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets Media, founder of the EthicMark® Awards.

The annual EthicMark® Awards are co-sponsored by Ethical Markets Media, LLC, and the World Business Academy, in partnership with The SRI Conference and ESPM, one of Brazil’s premier institutions of higher education in communication, marketing, and business.

Steve Schueth, president of First Affirmative Financial Network and producer of The SRI Conference said: “The EthicMark® Awards recognize the tremendous power of the media to shape social attitudes and culture. Our theme for the 27th Annual SRI Conference is #AllinForImpact because we celebrate the idea that investment capital can help solve the pressing social, political, and environmental challenges of our times. We find common ground with the EthicMark® Awards for honoring some of these same endeavors in the realm of mass media.”


Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil), Certified B Corporation, is a micro-multinational with the mission of reforming markets and metrics while helping accelerate and track the transition to the green economy worldwide with the Green Transition Scoreboard®, Ethical Biomimicry Finance®, Transforming Finance TV Series and with reports, articles, newsletters, and analysis by Hazel Henderson, editor-in-chief, on focusing on systems thinking and best practices to raise global standards.

The 2015 EthicMark® Award winners were Lucky Iron Fish, a Certified B Corporation working in Cambodia, and #NotABugSplat, a joint campaign from Inside Out and the Foundation for Fundamental Rights working in Pakistan.


The SRI Conference ( is produced by First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC (, an independent Registered Investment Advisor (SEC File #801-56587) offering investment consulting and asset management services through a nationwide network of investment professionals who specialize in serving socially conscious, impact-oriented investors.

The 27th SRI Conference will be held November 9–11, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Denver, CO. The SRI Conference ( is the premier annual forum for investors and investment professionals engaged in sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing. Conference participation includes investment professionals, institutional investors, and related organizations. The SRI Conference features educational sessions and focused opportunities to network with hundreds of like-minded individuals, organizations, and leaders in the field of Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investing.


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Rosalinda Sanquiche for Ethical Markets Media at (904) 829-3140 or [email protected]


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