Maria Olga Pinochet, President, Kore Access, Incorporated, Pensacola, Florida

Watch Maria Pinochet Discuss Market Trends  on the monthly television show sponsored by the Pensacola Business Women in Action (PBWiA). Interviewed by local business owners Sally Vickers, of Team Powered Success, and Linda Wasserman, of The Pelican Enterprise, Maria shared her insights into social media trends and the changing expectations of consumers. Watch her interview, originally aired on Blab TV in Pensacola, Florida.

Maria Pinochet is the founder and President of Kore Access, Incorporated. She is an experienced marketing strategist, consultant and multimedia communications writer. Kore Access offers a turnkey approach for client marketing needs that includes all phases of the marketing process from writing, planning and research to layout, publishing and distribution.

Maria has made sustainable and ecologically responsible business practices a priority in all of her professional endeavors. Due to her family’s long tradition of farming and ranching, she was raised to take on, as caretaker, some of the responsibility for protecting scarce and precious natural resources. In honor of this tradition, Maria has, for many decades, been involved in assisting start-up entrepreneurs in the launch of their “green” inventions. The scope and variety of these products have been broad: under-the-counter aluminum can crushers, water purification systems, mineral-enhanced bottled drinking water, parking block abutments made from recycled diapers and industrial safety mats made from recycled tires. Larger scale green projects have included the manufacturing of fishing lockers for boats and public facility stalls, both made of recycled plastic products, the building of an offshore floating hydroponic system on a reconditioned barge and the prototype of an industrial waste heat recovery system.

Prior to founding Kore Access, Maria cultivated broad business and cultural experience in marketing management and sales through work in the United States, Latin America and Europe. As a result, she has led and participated in the planning, development, integration and implementation of numerous multifaceted marketing campaigns. She also has had key responsibilities in the following marketing areas: the identification of a value proposition and niche, the creation of a brand identity and the development of strategic alliances. In addition, she has participated in the planning and writing of collateral marketing materials for various products and services.

Maria is an honors graduate of the University North Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing Management. In addition, she earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Maria shares her experience and knowledge through mentorship and through service on professional and not-for-profit boards. She is dedicated to the advancement of childhood literacy, higher education and business ownership for women and the preservation of our oceans and wildlife.

Maria has continually enhanced her personal connection to the living systems of our planet: they are an integral part of both her lifestyle and her favorite hobbies. For example, she is an avid gardener. Because she spent her childhood as her grandmother’s assistant gardener, she has grown her own vegetables during most of the years since. Maria is also a fan of any water activity and counts kayaking as one of her favorite weekend activities. Recently, she has learned to surf and to paddleboard. One of Maria’s favorite de-stressing activities is to take a run through the woods. Maria cannot fathom a world that disconnects us as individuals from the cycles of nature. She is dedicated both to sharing the pure joy she derives from our natural world and to doing the most she can to ensure that, collectively, we act as effective and efficient ecological stewards.

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May 2012

Maria O. Pinochet, Advisor to the distinguished Advisory Board of Ethical Markets Media, has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Ever’man Natural Foods, the Pensacola organic grocery and supplement store. Located in downtown Pensacola, Ever’man serves communities throughout Northwest Florida, including Gulf Breeze, Ft. Walton, Navarre, Destin, Milton, Pace and Perdido Key. Maria is an experienced marketing strategist, consultant and multimedia communications writer who runs her own firm, Kore Access, Incorporated.

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