The EthicMark for Advertising Prepares for 2015 Awards

The EthicMark® for advertising that uplifts the human spirit and society awarded terrific organizations in 2014 and is ready for more!  The EthicMark® was founded by Hazel Henderson, using a bequest from her aunt.  The first EthicMark® award was given to the Fund for Global Awakening for their Decade of Heart Forgiveness Media Campaign, setting a high standard for future award winners.

Hazel Henderson is co-chair of the EthicMark® Executive Committee with Rinaldo Brutoco, founder and president of the World Business Academy.  Rosalinda Sanquiche is Managing Director, both on the executive committee and on the Judges Panel.  Victoria Kamsler is Chair of the Judges Panel.  EthicMark projects include the distribution of the video Spellcasters, calling attention to the unethical practice of neuromarketing, and the annual awards.  The 2015 Awards will be announced at the SRI Conference on November 3, 2015.

Nominations for the 2015 Awards are CLOSED.  You can submit your nomination for 2016 here.

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World Business Academy EthicMark

A Brief Overview of Why You May not be Able to Resist Advertising with Children and Puppies

Neuromarketing and Spellcasters

VIDEO: Spellcasters

A project of the EthicMark®,  this video reveals how corporations and political candidates are using MRIs, EEGs, and other brain-scan technology to craft irresistible media messages designed to shift buying habits, political beliefs, and voting patterns.

The petition against neuromarketing asked businesses to pledge to refrain from using neuromarketing or other unethical marketing practices, and to use only ethical marketing tools to appropriately convince consumers to buy goods and services they freely select.  The petition and signatures were presented to Congress.  While you can no longer sign online, companies willing to take this pledge should email [email protected].

EthicMark® used the petition and pledge to urge Congress to hold hearings to investigate the commercial and political uses of neuromarketing so the public can learn which companies and political candidates are using neuromarketing research to manipulate consumers’ and voters’ choices.