7 Strategies to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Sustainability

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An article from Sustainable Life Media

By Thomas Miner

February 7, 2011 – Verdantix, a London-based sustainability and analysis firm, has identified seven strategies to help firms achieve competitive advantage through their sustainability initiatives based on the company’s recent research and report titled “Overcoming Barriers to Sustainability Leadership.”

In the “Overcoming Barriers to Sustainability Leadership” report, Verdantix identified the key execution risks and barriers that corporations are running into while trying to implement their sustainability strategies. These barriers include a lack of organizational capacity, lack of leadership, existing organizational inertia, complex change management, lack of interest from the finance executives and board member pushback.

The report also found that many of the firms with successful sustainability strategies have appointed Chief Sustainability Officers (CSO) with budget and authority to implement change and have authorized CSO’s to set sustainability performance targets for general managers.

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