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“Our report shows that the best way to capture carbon is still Nature’s way: through proper use of land and forests and we point out that the largest new opportunity is in shifting toward, plant-based diets and salt-loving plants for human food, grown on saltwater on the planet’s 40% of degraded and desert lands!

Therefore, our report is on the positive green investments, now at $9.3 trillion globally (see details in the report).

BTW: We don’t refer to these tax subsidies were lobbied into the tax code by fossilized sectors for CCS by fossil power plants at $50 per ton and for the new start-ups hoping to use the CO2 for making cement and other products at $35 per ton.  But you might want to check out this new debate!

Please help us get this report widest attention!

~Hazel Henderson-Editor”





  Media Release   



   2018 Green Transition Scoreboard® Full Report





AUGUSTINE, FL, USA, April 27, 2018:

Ethical Markets released today its 2018 Green Transition Scoreboard® finding $9.3 trillion of private investments in green sectors worldwide, cumulatively since 2007.  This 2018 report: “CAPTURING CO2 WHILE IMPROVING HUMAN NUTRITION & HEALTH” also focuses on how productive capture of CO2 is making useful products and how expanding production of food in saltwater agriculture can achieve both better human nutrition and reduce climate risk.


Global Private Green Investments-2018


Sector Amount US $
Renewable Energy                $3,864,203,673,121
Energy Efficiency               $2,038,487,667,163
Life Systems                $1,891,555,846,366
Green Construction                $1,072,360,379,757
Corporate Green R&D                  $505,274,742,000
Grand Total                 $9,371,882,308,407



The report’s lead author, science policy veteran Hazel Henderson, CEO of Ethical Markets says” We found over-investment in the planet’s 3% freshwater, overlooking the other 97% saltwater and the many varieties of salt-loving (halophyte) plants that already provide human food, grown on the 40% of degraded and desert lands, e.g. the highly-nutritious grain: quinoa, available in many supermarkets.”

The report‘s co-author, Tim Nash, Founder of Good Investing, assembles the research on the private investments in green sectors the Scoreboard tracks in Renewable Energy, Efficiency, Life Systems, Green Construction and Corporate Green R&D. Tim adds, “Green sectors are continuing to grow rapidly, outperforming most traditional sectors. At this rate, we will surpass $10 trillion of private investments in the global green economy this year”.

Many investors, start-ups and new opportunities are found in all green sectors, as well as in these new approaches: the rapidly-growing plant protein markets serving the widespread growth of vegetarianism, as well as in new uses for carbon and CO2, citing hundreds of statistics and references.

The report shows that these trends in better nutrition and increased carbon capture and re-use are also good news for the planet. “Pinpointing these investments and opportunities for desert-greening and using CO2 to make plastics, cement and other useful products only requires a new perspective…beyond existing cognitive biases including herd behavior in markets and theory-induced blindness! “says Henderson”.

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