20-first’s 2013 Global Gender Balance Scorecard report: Focus on the US

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July 2013


20-first Key Country Report:  Focus on the US






Following up on 20-first’s 2013 Global Gender Balance Scorecard report, we are pleased to release our country focus report on the United States.  


This companion survey focuses in on the gender balance of the 20 top companies in the US.










Where are US companies on the gender journey?


The US is a paradox. While the ratios are better than Europe and Asia, the absolute numbers remain astonishingly low given the decades of effort invested. 


Click here for the full analysis.




Looking for innovative solutions to improve your company’s gender balance?






20-first’s foundation e-learning course, The Bottom Line on Gender Balance, is a cost-efficient way to align managers on the WHY, WHAT and HOW of better gender balance

  • WHY: Should companies care about balance? What are the benefits?
  • WHAT: The skills and competencies managers need to manage across genders
  • HOW: Implementation actions that actually deliver improved balance

Highly interactive, this multi-media tool is a great way to engage managers and communicate messages consistently across your organization.


The course is available in English, as well as eight other major languages, allowing managers to experience the course in the language they are most comfortable with.


To speak with someone from our online team or to sign-up for an online demo, please contact [email protected].