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Beyond Rio + 20: Next Steps for the Widening Circle Campaign for a Global Citizens Movement

Sometimes we wonder if we are really making a difference. Often we do not see the results of our own actions as it depends on so many of us doing the 'right' thing even when there is no immediate reward. I remain an optimist in these troubled times when I think about all of you and what you are contributing. Each month I try to recommend some [...]

Honoring President Vaclav Havel

Honoring President Vaclav Havel

By Hazel Henderson Philosopher-poet-playwright and global citizen, Václav Havel was the freedom fighter who led the Czech people to independence from Soviet Russian occupation.  He became their first president in 1989 after the peaceful "velvet revolution" swept this brave man into power with massive support and the slogan "Havel to the [...]

Kosmos Journal August Newsletter

It's been awhile...but rest assured we have been busy expanding our work to embrace the many facets of our mission to create a new civilization that works for everybody. When the fires exploding all around us become dying embers, we will have something in place to build a healthy future. At Kosmos, we try to walk our talk. We are involved in a [...]

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