Kosmos Journal August Newsletter

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It’s been awhile…but rest assured we have been busy expanding our work to embrace the many facets of our mission to create a new civilization that works for everybody. When the fires exploding all around us become dying embers, we will have something in place to build a healthy future. At Kosmos, we try to walk our talk. We are involved in a number of projects that reflect our beliefs and values as conscious global citizens. We hope you might join us to support some of these projects.

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New Kosmos Website

We hope you have visited our new website and become a global citizen member, which for now gives you access to downloadable, exclusive content.  We are proud to say in the first two months, our website attracted visitors from 117 countries.  Each month we will be adding new, carefully selected articles.  This month we have an important article by Maude Barlow, Our Commons Future is Already Here. Please check it out here.

We believe in global citizenship and the essential worthiness of all humanity.

Our next evolutionary task involves growing into an identification which includes family, community, and nation, but expands to all humanity.  I don’t see how we are going to make it, if we don’t wake up to the reality of our common source and destiny in an interdependent world and our responsibility for the whole. We are partnering with The Widening Circle initiative, which is catalyzing a Global Citizens Movement to be launched at Rio-20 in 2012.  We’ll be there to launch this movement with our colleagues from all over the world who are already forming circles of global citizens. Linking these nodes will be our work in Rio-20. More to come on how you can participate.


We believe in a transition to global leadership in a world challenged by global problems.

We have been affiliated with the United Nations for over 23 years and send complimentary copies of Kosmos to all 193 UN Ambassadors.  We send complimentary copies of Kosmos to developing countries through the Kosmos Global Ambassadors program.


We believe that we must protect the commons (our natural and cultural resources) from privatization and commodification.

We believe people power is one of the key elements of a sustainable future. We are engaged in the Global Commons Movement at the United Nations and support the new UNITAR course for diplomats, the international community and you.


We believe it is our responsibility to honor the sacredness of our environment.

We will have a table at the Bioneers conference in California in October, and hope to see you there. Our Fall|Winter issue of Kosmoswill publish good news about environmental security and the amazing work to restore our environment in China and worldwide by John Liu of the Environmental Education Media Project.


We believe in preserving the democratic intent of the Internet from corporate and government enclosure.

We will be a participant in Contact Summit 2011: The Evolution will be Social with Douglas Rushkoff and other Internet pioneers.

We believe that the public’s right to know is essential for democracy and that it has been compromised by corporate media.

We have applied for membership in the Media Consortium to partner with other progressive media such as Yes!, Orion, and Democracy Now in preserving independent media and hope to attend their annual meeting in Oakland in October 2011.

We believe in the alignment of mind, heart and will to find creative solutions to our world crises.

We will join Otto Scharmer and 500 participants in the first Presencing Global Forum I in October 2011. The goal is to form a global action research community and platform that uses awareness-based social technologies like presencing and is committed to reflecting and sharing these experiences with colleagues across sectors and cultures. We believe that we live in a time where emerging global communities like ours may have a big impact if we can rise to the occasion. This is our time to act in a more intentional, collective and conscious way.

We believe that war and violence must be replaced with concern for human security.

We joined 300 participants from 63 countries at the Caux Forum on Human Security in Switzerland, which inspired the next issue ofKosmos Journal. Learn about the changing nature of security athttp://www.cauxforum.net.

We believe in ethical and uplifting advertising.

For the third year, we have served as judge for the EthicMark awards. The EthicMark is an emblem and annual award that recognizes outstanding marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns and communications designed to uplift the human spirit and society.

We believe in an expanded vision of peace.

Nancy Roof will be a speaker on International Peace at the Pathways to Peaceful Living Conference, co-sponsored by the Center for Peace through Culture and Hancock Shaker Village in September 2011. This event will feature a day of workshops and speakers, with a keynote address by Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

We believe in the power of images and beauty to inspire transformation in culture and consciousness.

World Press Photo will exhibit their award-winning photographs at the UN from August 8-28, 2011. We have been given special permission to publish several of these photos in our next issue. These photos are some of the most provocative we have ever seen and rightfully deserve our attention and reflection.

We believe in the power of spiritual places and practices to evoke our higher wisdom and spiritual engagement in creating a better world.

Kosmos is sponsoring our second spiritual trip, led by Tara Stuart, to Mount Kailas in far western Tibet. Every year at the time of the May full moon, the gigantic Tarboche flagpole, tied with hundreds of Tibetan prayer flags and kata scarfs of blessing, is raised. This commemorates the anniversary of the Buddah’s birth. The kora, or sacred circumambulation, of Mount Kailas is an act of reverence linking the natural and spiritual worlds. The thirty-two mile trek is considered a ritualistic and symbolic experience of death, life and transformation. Fifteen trekkers will have the opportunity for this sacred spiritual transformation (this trip is filled.)  See more about this in the Fall|Winter issue of Kosmos Journal.

We hope that you will join us in some of these efforts as we recognize our shared humanity and work side by side to create a new world that works for all.