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Green Festival News – March/April

Green Festival News – March/April

    Celebrate 2013 Green Festivals in NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco! Green Festival is a project of Green America and Global Exchange. Dear Friends, Happy Earth Day (April 22)! If you have friends in the New [...]

Common Sense on Climate from Friends of the Earth UK

Dear all, Please find links below to a new report published by Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland on solutions for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and providing finance for developing countries to tackle climate change and adapt to its impacts. 'Clearing the Air: Moving on from carbon trading to real climate solutions' [...]

Full background reports and research data for the Green Transition Scoreboard

2010 report 2009 report Climate Solutions 2 report "Solar and Nuclear Costs: The Historic Crossover" July 2010, John O. Blackburn, Prof. Emeritus of Economics; former Chancellor, Duke University


Welcome to the Green Transition Scoreboard™, created by Ethical Markets Media as a service to all progressive groups accelerating the transition to the worldwide Solar Age. We support more equitable, greener, healthier human development models based on utilizing the power and productivity of natural systems and billions of years of Nature's [...]

Climate Solutions 2: Low-Carbon Re-Industrialisation

Climate Solutions 2: Low-Carbon Re-Industrialisation

Posted October 19, 2009 A report to WWF International based on the Climate Risk Industry Sector Technology Allocation (CRISTAL) Model Download the Report (PDF)

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