Ethical Markets December 2018 Updates


Dear Advisors and Friends:

HOLIDAY GREETING’s from Hazel Henderson and the Ethical Markets Team


Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration.  Eleanor Roosevelt’s achievement of this greatest advance since the almost thousand year old rule: “habeas corpus” became settled law in England since 1215.  Today we must assure that this “habeas corpus” law, which ruled that all humans own their own bodies, must be equally applied to the worlds women, and extended to assure that we humans also own our own brains and all the information that we produce!

Media Release for ” EthicMark® Award Winners Announced”

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Strategic Partners

Our new partnership with WAAS  co-convened

 “Roundtable on the Future of Democracy”, Nov. 7-9, 2018


In memory of Tessa Tennant


Warm Welcome to Our Distinguished New Global Advisory Board Members!

 Vicki Robin

Theodore J. Gordon

Pénélope Morin

Joan Anderson

Tiffany Harnsongkram

Junko Kanzaki

Nigel Topping


 Warm Welcome to Our Distinguished Judges Panel!

Kim Polman

Marie Stafford

Dr. Monica Sharma


Advisor’s Articles:

The Trans-Age Revolution”

By Rosa Algeria

“Indigenous Worldview is a Source We Now Urgently Need”

By Eva Wilmann de Donlea

Collaborative Empowerment: Biology, Technology and Morphic Fields

By Marc Strauch

“Founding A Movement”

By Michaela Walsh


Articles by Hazel Henderson:

“Let’s Train Humans First….Before We Train Machines”

Cadmus: “The Future of Democracy Challenged In The Digital Age”

“Greening Our Global Food System”

“Are We Locking Earth Into A Space Prison?”


 TV Shows & Presentations by Hazel Henderson:

“Transition to the Solar Age” at Family Office Forum San Francisco September 2018

Prosperity and Wellbeing – Beyond Money and GDP with Dr. Monica Sharma

Empowering Our Personal and Professional Journeys with Dr. Monica Sharma


Podcast & Interviews:

“Sustainable Finance Podcast”: Paul Ellis Interviews Hazel Henderson

Bitcoin or Bit-Con? Ben Martin Interviews Hazel Henderson

Mitchell Rabin Interviews Hazel Henderson


Book Reviews:

“Brand Activism-New Critics of Finance”

“Healing Earth”

“Finance, Society and Sustainability”

“21 Lessons For The 21st Century” and “A Finer Future”

“A World Parliament: Governance & Democracy In The 21st Century” and “We The Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights”

“Can Finance Save The World?”

Long-Term Investing Trends In Global Future Scenarios

“Nourished Planet”

“Radical Transformational Leadership”


Media Partners Added In 2018

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Climate Action


Opal Group

Social Venture Network


Sustainable Investment Forum

National Council for Science and the Environment