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‘Reforming Global Finance’

News, opinion, proposals for reforming finance at global and national levels. Tracks new laws to curb speculative finance, transaction taxes and how financiers caused the collapse of 2008-9. News on monetary-systems reform of the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, BIS and central banks.

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The Baseline Scenario: The Brown Amendment: Do the Volcker Rules Live?

Posted: 24 Mar 2010 02:40 AM PDT The administration may be distancing itself from the Volcker Rules, but the same is not true of all Senators.  (Why did President Obama go to the trouble of endorsing Mr. Volcker’s approach to limiting risk and size in the banking system, if his key implementers – led by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner – [...]


Ellen Brown, March 18th, 2010 As the states’ credit crisis deepens, four states have initiated bills for state-owned banks, and candidates in seven states have now included that solution in their platforms. “Hundreds of job-creating projects are still on hold because Michigan businesses and entrepreneurs cannot get bank financing. We can [...]

The Baseline Scenario

At last some real truth-telling on reforming Wall Street! - Hazel Henderson, ed By Simon Johnson Last week, Senator Ted Kaufman (D., DE) gave a devastating speech in the Senate on “too big to fail” and all it entails. A long public silence from our political class was broken – and to great effect. Today’s Dodd reform proposals [...]

More Calls for Fed Governors Who Actually Saw Crisis Coming, Care About Consumers, and Tolerate, Um, Welcome Transparency

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 12:54 AM PST One of the bizarre things that occurs whenever particular high profile slots are up for grabs is that the discussion rapidly devolves into which candidate A Lot of People Have Heard Of should get it, rather than focusing on selection criteria (which is how most managers go about filling jobs). Read more...

The Baseline Scenario

The Volcker Principles Move Closer To Practice Posted: 10 Mar 2010 12:19 PM PST By Simon Johnson Senators Merkley and Levin, with support from colleagues, are proposing legislation that would apply Paul Volcker’s financial reform principles – actually, much more effectively than would the Treasury’s specific proposals.  (Link to the [...]


By Hazel Henderson (855 words) //NOT FOR PUBLICATION IN CANADA, CZECH REPUBLIC, IRELAND, POLAND, THE UNITED STATES, AND THE UNITED KINGDOM// IPS COLUMNIST SERVICE, MARCH 2010 Editor's note: Icelanders, on March 6, 2010, rejected by 90% the referendum on paying $5.3 billion (45% of national output in 2009) of odious debt incurred by their [...]

Naked Capitalism: Are Capital Restrictions On Their Way to Becoming Respectable in Some Circles?

More Wisdom From Yves Smith.  Her book ECONNED is a must! - Hazel Henderson, Ed. Posted: 09 Mar 2010 11:40 PM PST We’ve had (depending on when you define the starting point) at least two decades of a concerted push by the US towards more open capital markets (no doubt based not simply on the belief that the Anglo/Saxon model was superior, [...]

Greek President calls out Obama to regulate Wall Street speculators – Hazel Henderson, editor

Rising to the Challenge of Change: An Address by Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou Monday, March 08, 2010 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Washington, DC On March 8, the Center on the U.S. and Europe at Brookings welcomed Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou for a public address on how Greece, the United States and Europe can reinvigorate [...]

Systemic Denial – about Systemic Instability from corruption of financial regulatory systems

Pre-eminent lawyer of the Open Source Movement, Lawrence Lessig attended the Roosevelt Institute's MAKING MARKETS BE MARKETS  media event March 3rd , on the US  financial crisis .Even with so many luminaries :  Joseph Stiglitz, George Soros, Rob Johnson and  13 other men in suits and new heroine, Prof. Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the [...]

Energy & Capital: Why Energy Is the Only Real Currency

We agree! Energy is a much better currency than much  of today's inflating fiat money!  Watch for  the Plan for  Iceland  to turn  its ICESAVE  "debacle" into a new geothermal energy industry that can  pay Britain, The Netherlands and  supply  Europe  with free electricity  until their ROI on these  geothermal investments! A Win-Win  [...]

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