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‘Reforming Global Finance’

News, opinion, proposals for reforming finance at global and national levels. Tracks new laws to curb speculative finance, transaction taxes and how financiers caused the collapse of 2008-9. News on monetary-systems reform of the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, BIS and central banks.

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Goldman, Magnetar, and Holes in the Dodd Bill

Is Goldman’s Hardball Stance a Big Mistake? Magnetar, Goldman Press Flurry Still Misses the Biggest Point of All Guest Post: Dodd Financial Reform Bill Is All Holes and No Cheese Marshall Auerback: Troubles in the EuroZone – Will the Contagion Affect the U.S.? Is Goldman’s Hardball Stance a Big Mistake? Posted: 20 Apr 2010 09:19 PM [...]

Another important group for a financial transactions tax, that we at Ethical Markets Support

INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION (ITUC) ITUC OnLine 055/230410 G20 ministers and IMF should endorse financial transactions tax to meet looming public resources gap Brussels , 23 April 2010 (ITUC OnLine): The ITUC has urged G20 finance ministers meeting in Washington on Friday 23 April to support the adoption of a Financial [...]

The Big Picture

A Patriot’s Day Call to Arms Dylan Ratigan This letter is a call to (electronic) arms on Patriots’ Day. Mr. President, please show the American people the AIG emails. In the wake of the disclosures associated with Friday’s government fraud accusations against Goldman, Sachs & Co., one of our nation’s wealthiest, largest and [...]

Another Great Roundup of In Depth Information on the Goldman Sachs – SEC case

In the wake of SEC/Goldman, the must-read Appendix Rolfe Winkler. Thank you Rolfe! The SEC, Disclosure, and the Goldman Complaint Conglomerate Fuld defends Lehman’s use of ‘Repo 105’ Financial Times. Fuld is nothing if not consistently deluded. Fabrice Tourre as Scooter Libby Joe Costello BofA-Merrill Tops Credit Suisse List of [...]

Bill Black and I React to Goldman Fraud Charges

http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2010/04/the-end-of-government-sachs/ http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2010/04/bill-black-and-i-react-to-goldman-fraud-charges/

Dylan Ratigan on the GS Fraud


Sustainable Financial Markets: How can we benchmark regulators?

Posted: 14 Apr 2010 02:10 PM PDT Given the inherent risks of downward spirals in regulatory competence - not least the way financial sector firms can “rent” politicalinfluence -  how can we design the system to prevent the race to the bottom and regulatory arbitrage? Clearly, we need some creative thinking here, not least because those [...]

Former Wall Streeter Supports The Financial Transaction Tax

John Fullerton is also on Ethical Markets Advisory Board and Founder and President of The Capital Institute.  - Hazel Henderson, Ed. April 15, 2010 John Fullerton President and Founder, Capital Institute [email protected] www.capitalinstitute.org Good afternoon. My name is John Fullerton. I am the President and Founder [...]

13 Bankers by Simon Johnson and James Kwak, Pantheon Books 2010

13 Bankers by Simon Johnson and James Kwak, Pantheon Books 2010

Review by Hazel Henderson, author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy; President, Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil), www.ethicalmarkets.com Simon Johnson and James Kwak make clear that 13 Bankers is their call to fundamental reform of the US financial system. They provide well-documented evidence that compares the current size [...]

The Baseline Scenario

Simon Johnson Has It Right Again (see my review of 13 Bankers), Ed. - Hazel Henderson The Few: Sensible Republican Senators On Financial Reform The Next Global Problem: Portugal The Other Battle Senator McConnell Is Wrong, Senator Kaufman Is Right. Any Questions?

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