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‘Reforming Global Finance’

News, opinion, proposals for reforming finance at global and national levels. Tracks new laws to curb speculative finance, transaction taxes and how financiers caused the collapse of 2008-9. News on monetary-systems reform of the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, BIS and central banks.

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ITUC OnLine – 2nd World Day of Social Justice

Brussels, 19 February 2010: (ITUC OnLine): In marking the 2nd World Day of Social Justice (on 20 February), the ITUC is calling for an end to the prevailing neo-liberal model of economic globalization, which has brought about the worst economic downturn since the great depression. It has denied social justice to millions of men and women hit by [...]

Baseline Scenario

Senior Goldman Adviser Criticizes Greece – Without Disclosing His Goldman Affiliation Posted: 15 Feb 2010 10:26 AM PST By Simon Johnson Otmar Issing, a former senior European Central Bank official, came out strongly today against any kind of rescue package for Greece (FT op ed; Bloomberg report). Read more... The Next Problem Posted: [...]

Time to Tax Financial Speculation

For those of us who want the financial industry to serve people and the planet rather than dominate them, this is the most exciting reform under serious consideration on the world stage. by Sarah Anderson posted Feb 09, 2010 In London, activists projected a 10-meter-high image on the side of the Bank of England, inviting commuters to call [...]

Banking Compensation Around the World

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 01:00 PM PST This chart, from a Reuters’ analysis of pay at the 18 biggest banks by market value, illustrates the massive differences in pay among the CEOs of the world’s top banks. The compensation of the CEOs of the largest U.S. banks towers above what’s paid to banking chiefs in other parts of the world. Read more...

Jimmy Stewart Is Dead

Prof. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University has some creative and viable new ideas for reforming our "too big to fail" banks and making our financial  sector much safer. We will be reviewing his forthcoming book, JIMMY STEWART IS DEAD, from Wiley Publishers on its launch . Meanwhile our thanks to Prof. Kotlikoff for this advance look: - Hazel [...]

Financial Crisis as a Large System Change Challenge

Important study led by our Advisory Board member Dr. Steven Waddell, in which I also participated.  Dr. Waddelll continues  with this study, and we will report on his progress. "  -  Hazel Henderson, Ed February 10, 2010 If you were given 10 million euros and three to five years, how would you go about "changing the role of the financial [...]

The Baseline Scenario: Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Wall Street

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 07:39 PM PST Although the Consumer Financial Protection Agency made it through the House more or less intact, the banking lobby is taking another, better shot at killing it in the Senate, and is planning to use the magic words: “big government” and “bureaucracy.” Elizabeth Warren wrote an op-ed for Tuesday’s Wall [...]

The Baseline Scenario: Is Tim Geithner Paying Attention To the Global Economy?

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 05:48 AM PST In an interview that will air Sunday on ABC, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says, “”We have much, much lower risk of today than at any time over the last 12 months or so … We are in an economy that was growing at the rate of almost 6 percent of GDP in the fourth quarter of last year.  The most rapid [...]

EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way

This article by lawyer Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt, our esteemed Advisory Board member, predicted what's happening in Europe with the so called PIIGS : Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain with their high debt-to-GDP ratios. Ellen is, so far as I know, the only analyst clearly stating what they need to do. - Hazel Henderson, [...]


Ellen Brown February 5, 2010 www.webofdebt.com/articles Rumor has it that Timothy Geithner is on his way out as Treasury Secretary, due to his involvement in the AIG scandal that is now unraveling in hearings before the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Bob Chapman writes in The International Forecaster: Each day brings more [...]

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