The 3 Keys to Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with Dr. Jean Houston

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Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to be writing you today about a rare and powerful free teleclass with Dr. Jean Houston. Jean is one of the founders of the Human Potential Movement, has advised heads of state, and is one of the greatest spiritual luminaries of our time.

In “The 3 Keys to Discovering & Living Your True Purpose,” Jean reveals her time-tested, proven process for how to not only discover your life’s purpose, but how to infuse that purpose into your daily life.

“With elegant simplicity, Jean Houston shows you how to unleash the genius that lies in the depths of your being.” – Deepak Chopra, M.D.

To register for this inspired teaching please visit:

“The 3 Keys To Discovering & Living Your True Purpose”.

Nearly 50,000 people attended this rare event last year, and the response was overwhelming.

I strongly encourage you to participate in this groundbreaking teleconference and discover the power of her unique system for yourself.

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P.S. Jean doesn’t do many free teleconferences, so you won’t want to miss this one.