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PVOL101: Solar Electric Design and Installation  (Grid-Direct)
Jan. 13 – Online

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PVOL202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct) – Online
Jan. 13 – Online

PVOL203: Solar Electric Design (Battery-Based) – Online
Jan. 13 – Online

PV101: Solar Electric Design and Installation  (Grid-Direct)
Feb. 17 – Tucson, AZ.

SHOL101:  Solar Heating Fundamentals – Online
March 10 – Online

PVOL101: Solar Electric Design and Installation  (Grid-Direct)
March 10 – Online

PVOL202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct) – Online
March 10 – Online

PVOL203: Solar Electric Design (Battery-Based) – Online
March 10 – Online

PVOL206: Solar Business and Technical Sales
March 10 – Online

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Application Deadlines for SPCP

SPCP_bannerSEI Announces Suggested Candidate Application Deadlines for 2014 Solar Professionals Certificate Program (SPCP)

More Info about SEI’s Solar Professionals Certificate Program
or Call: 970-963-8855 x1

In order to complete the year-long training program by the end of 2014, it is highly suggested that interested candidates apply early and start their training program this Spring.

Just Getting Started?
The suggested application deadline for students just starting their full training program is Jan. 5th.   In order to complete SEI’s full training program in one year, it is important to start as early as possible.

Applying early will also give you the opportunity to begin your training path in the pre-requisite online courses starting Jan. 13th or any of the early 2014 offerings. 

Transferring in Previous Training?
Students who would like to transfer in previous SEI or transferable technical training should contact SEI Student Services to discuss program tracks and additional courses needed to complete the SEI Solar Professional Certificate Program.   Call: 970-963-8855 x1

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Applicants should apply as soon as possible in order for SEI Student Services advisors to be able to schedule a training advising session before the next round of prerequisite courses.

Call: 970-963-8855 x1

SEI Solar Professionals Certificate Options

Residential and Commercial
Photovoltaic Systems Certificate

Required Courses (4) and Training Progression:  PV101 or PVOL101PV201L > PV202 or PVOL202> Plus one PV elective  (EitherPVOL203 or PVOL206)

Program Tuition:  $3,795 or $3,395 with tuition incentive
This certificate path covers a comprehensive spectrum of grid-direct residential and commercial photovoltaic design and installation applications.  Applying the National Electric Code and job-site safety considerations will be strongly emphasized in this certificate program. The technical concepts needed as a solar professional, whether you’re working on single family homes to commercial projects to utility scale systems, will be covered in this program.  

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Battery-Based Photovoltaic
Systems Certificate

Required Courses (4) and Training Progression:  PV101 or PVOL101PVOL203 > PV201L > PV301L

Program Tuition:  $4,495 or $4,095 with tuition incentive
Even though the vast majority of solar photovoltaic applications are now grid-direct, there are homes and industries that need battery-based photovoltaic systems.  Through this certificate program you will be trained on the technical application of solar photovoltaic battery-based systems to serve many different areas such as the telecommunications industry, agricultural applications, off-grid homes and other remote applications, and grid-connected battery back-up systems.

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Solar Business and Technical Sales Certificate
Required Courses (3) and Training Progression:  PV101 orPVOL101PV201L > PVOL206

Program Tuition:  $2,995 or $2,695 with tuition incentive
This certificate path is perfect for an individual who is seeking a sales or product representative position in the solar industry or is considering starting their own business.  A solid focus on the technical, economic, and financial aspects of the solar industry are covered in this program to prepare you for the fast paced and highly dynamic solar industry.  In addition to understanding all the financial incentives and sales techniques, being technically competent in the application and installation of photovoltaic systems will make you a better sales professional.  This certificate program will give you the confidence needed when talking with potential customers about this highly technical field.

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International and Developing World Applications Certificate 
Required Courses (4) and Training Progression:  PV101 orPVOL101PVOL203 > PV301L > RD101 (or any RD coded course or workshop)

Program Tuition:  $3,595 or $3,195 with tuition incentive
Not all solar professionals are on a roof in the United States installing photovoltaic systems.   Some of the most rewarding and meaningful work can be found in the developing world.  Solar professionals can be found working for government aid agencies and other non-profit organizations who are training local communities to become self sustaining.  This work is often accomplished through application of renewable energy technologies in some of the most remote areas of of the world.  This certificate program will take you through the common battery-based photovoltaic technologies and other developing world topics to prepare you for a rewarding career in helping the world realize the hope provided by renewable energy.

* In-person destination International training can be used in lieu of RD101, but a tuition difference may apply.  Examples:  Nicaragua and Costa Rica training locations

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Renewable Energy Applications Certificate 
Required Courses (4) and Training Progression:  PV101or PVOL101,  SH101 or SHOL101Wind or MH101, AND RDOL101 or any RD coded workshop

Program Tuition:  $2,995 or $2,595 with tuition incentive
This certificate program will expose you to other renewable energy technologies and is often a good “add-on” certificate path for a solar professional who has completed one of the other certificate programs.  When talking with home or business owners you may be asked your professional opinion about all the options in the renewable energy sector and which technology will best suit their energy needs and location.  In order to explain these technologies with utmost confidence, it is best to get hands-on experience in other renewable energy technologies in addition to photovoltaic systems.

* In-person destination International training can be used in lieu of RD101, but a tuition difference may apply.  Examples:  Nicaragua and Costa Rica training locations

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Solar Professionals Trainer
of Trainers Certificate
Required Courses (6) and Training Progression:  PV101 orPVOL101PV201L > PV202 or PVOL202PVOL203 > PV301L >PV206

Program Tuition:  $5,995 or $5,395 with tuition incentive
Hundreds of solar training programs are sprouting up all over, and gaining the knowledge of how to deliver a world class training program can be difficult and daunting.  With over 20 years of hands-on and classroom instruction, the SEI curriculum and overall program is the gold standard for solar training and we want to share that knowledge with you.   This certificate program will expose you to SEI’s best classroom curriculum and lab training experience for you and your instructional staff to get first hand experience in what it takes to put on a full solar training program at your school or training organization.

*This certificate program only introduces best teaching practices through the actual experience of taking these courses from SEI Instructors.  It is designed for current instructors in a related field or people with a strong background in the PV industry who are seeking an instructional role. SEI recommends that an individual receive additional classroom instruction and classroom management training, if not currently an instructor.  
**For the Train the Trainers Certificate you must currently be a college or vocational school instructor in a related field.

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SPCP Alumni Highlight – Mark Smail

My interest in renewables, with solar in particular, came about out
of necessity.  My wife and I purchased an off grid cabin in the North
Cascades of Washington State in 2007.  The property’s energy was
solely produced by a propane generator.  Through the first winter, I
kept my eye on the property for solar potential.  I realized that even
on the winter solstice, we had full sunshine on the hill behind our
home.  I did not want to continue to burn propane to create
electricity.  I purchased books, spent countless hours researching pv
and spoke with professionals in the industry.  By the next winter,
after tackling the installation ourselves, we were producing the
majority of our power from a small ground mount pv system.

Over the next few years, I helped others in my neighborhood design
and install systems of their own.  I soon realized that I wanted a
future in the PV industry.  It didn’t take me long to choose SEI as my
learning institution. After talking with a few folks who had taken
classes through SEI, I studied SEI’s web page and compared them with other solar education providers.  The choice was simple, SEI stands above the rest in renewable energy education.

I knew that I wanted a career in the industry and not just a job.
I figured that path would involve many hours of advanced learning and
not just a one week workshop.  That’s when I noticed that SEI was
offering a Solar Professionals Certificate Program.  The program
covers all the aspects of designing and installing professional,
highly efficient PV systems.

My experiences in the SPCP were beyond my expectations!  The classes are designed to progress the student from the fundamentals all the way to the highly advanced topics.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the program.  The basics with PV101, the incredible hands on experience with PV201L in Paonia, the advanced designing course of PV202, covering the full spectrum with the battery course of PV203 and lastly, the many hours of continuing education that is provided with the SPCP.  Excellent!

Having finished up the Solar Professionals Certificate Program, I
felt ready to enter the PV industry.  I easily passed the NABCEP entry
level exam, completed an OSHA construction safety course and prepped myself to begin a new career.  I was soon hired by an outstanding renewable energy company here in Washington State.  I’ve been designing and installing PV with Whidbey Sun and Wind, LLC ever since. The knowledge and experiences that I achieved through SEI are the foundation for what I do everyday.

In the future, I plan on continuing to provide efficient, reliable
PV systems to my customers.  I am registered to take the NABCEP PV Installation Professional exam this coming spring.  In preparing for
the exam, I will thoroughly review the curriculum, notes and textbooks
from all of my SEI courses.

In closing, I am very pleased with what SEI has to offer!  They
will provide a foundation of knowledge to prepare you for the solar
industry.  The Solar Professionals Certificate Program takes you a few
steps farther toward that goal of a career in PV.  I believe that SEI
is truly the Harvard of renewable energy education institutions.

Thanks SEI!

Mark Smail
Whidbey Sun and Wind, LLC

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