Lily Cole Takes on the Impossible

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Lily Cole Takes on the Impossible

Lisa Cowan, Ethical Markets European Correspondent, reports on an exciting project led by London’s Lily Cole.

A recent post shares a fascinating interview by Becky Anderson, a high profile Anchor for CNN news, with Lily Cole and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. .

They discuss an exciting vision “to empower each person on the planet to freely make each other, and their own wishes come true,” through The site is driven by the idea that there is a feel good benefit of doing good for someone else. Doing good beyond the realm of being paid or being charitable, simply doing good because it feels good.

People will express their wishes through a self regulating site while at the same time, people will offer to grant the wishes of others. Wishes could include language lessons, the fixing of a faucet, help with carrying shopping. will create a direct way for us to think and act beyond ourselves. While the idea is nothing new, the technology to unlock this potential limitlessly has never been created. Sit for a moment and imagine what an incredible enabler such technology could become. At a time of economic crisis cash is increasingly uncertain – but our ability to support each other by exchanging skills and actions is limitless.

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