Global Polling Results for your Rio+20 Earth Summit coverage

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As the Rio+20 Earth Summit kicks off in Brazil this week, I wanted to provide you with a couple recent press releases containing research results that could complement coverage you may be preparing:

Consumers Call for Ambitious Leadership from their Governments at Rio+20 Earth Summit:

· Only 1 in 20 say their country should not commit to any international agreements

· Consumers in Latin America are particularly demanding of their governments at the conference, with strong majorities in Mexico (80%), Brazil (74%)—the summit’s host—and Argentina (67%) calling for ambitious leadership positions at the conference.

· Americans are the most inclined to prefer that their government makes no international commitment, at 11%.

International Polls Of Sustainability Experts And The Public Emphasize Growing Need For Private Sector Leadership On Sustainable Development:

· 8 in 10 experts fear that governments will not take action short of catastrophe at Rio+20

· 68% identify a lack of political will as the greatest obstacle to making further progress on sustainable development.

· The findings are derived from an expert survey of 1,603 sustainability experts across corporate, government, NGO, and academic sectors in 117 countries and a public opinion survey of over 24,000 people in 23 countries.

For further information on the results, or for comment, please contact me at the details below.

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