GE’s Gas-Fired Plants Could Enable More Wind and Solar Power

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GE’s Gas-Fired Plants Could Enable More Wind and Solar Power
“We have a lot to understand about when we transform to a varying supply.”

New Fuel Economy Labels May Give a Boost to Electric Vehicles
The feds update the sticker and issue a plan to go alternative with the government’s entire car fleet.

Update: The Value of a Negawatt
Watch the panel discussion tonight live! Come find out where the best business case for energy savings is in New York City—and beyond.

Stealthy Small-Scale Storage Startups
Stealthy Powergetics and Solar Storage are going after energy storage behind the meter.

Mixed Greens: GE Buys Ecomagination Winner, Non-News From Google, Cree Redux, and More
Plus, Harvest Power gets more money for trash tech.

Confronting the Smart Meter and Health Issue Link
The connection of smart meters and AMI to health issues, crop circles, and alien abductions.

Smart Grid Fest: Connectivity Week Kickoff
Opportunities, potential industry impasses, and thousands of acronyms

Duke Sees a Future With Cellular
The mega-utility isn’t throwing mesh or PLC out the window, but it’s making the case that cellular has arrived.

Green Tech at Midyear: What’s Hot, What’s Not
It’s nearly June. Do you know what the hottest trends are?

A Dash of Salts for EVs From Leyden Energy
Did you know your batteries give off gas?

Can Green Be Free?
Some energy-efficient and clean technologies could make their way into consumers’ hands at low or no cost—in the right regions.

The Networked Grid in Pictures and Video
Missed the conference? See photos and videos after the jump.

Bill Gates and Total Invest in Sadoway’s Liquid Metal Battery
Using earth-abundant elements to get beyond lithium-ion batteries

Primus Power: Getting Flow Batteries to Market
What’s holding electrochemical energy storage back from widespread, utility-scale deployment?

Tornadoes, Otter Pops and Other Unlikely Energy Technologies
Cold is our friend when it comes to saving power.