Foresight Network Newsletter – October 6th 2011

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The Foresight Network
A message to all members of The Foresight Network

New book from FN member – John Renesch
The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity’s Future provides a vision and a choice for responsible
adulthood over the largely adolescent ways we have been relating to one another and our planet Earth.

Find it here

News from Shaping Tomorrow
We have added the following network capabilities to our main site:

New search facilities: Find other visible members by location, sector, skill, role, affiliations or

More visible profiles: Another 200 members’ profiles have been made visible. You can now search on
1745 futurists, strategists and change agents worldwide. Join them by
adding your face picture and bio, extend your network and find others to help
you with your work.

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