Ethical Markets Media welcomes Amelia Holmes Wood to Research Advisory Board

LaRae LongAdvisors' Forum

Amelia Wood is the Administrative Assistant at the Great Barrington Land Conservancy (GBLC). The mission of GBLC is to preserve the community’s natural places, agricultural land, and wildlife habitats as well as to enhance recreational opportunities for residents and visitors through the creation of trails, walking paths, and special programs. Wood provides support for the operations of GBLC’s programs and to its volunteer Board of Directors. She is passionate about managing and organizing resources in order to provide the technical support needed to protect and steward the community’s natural areas, wildlife habitats, and agricultural lands for generations to come.


From 2014-2019, Wood was the Librarian at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics in Great Barrington, MA. Under her care, the special collections of books, archives, periodicals, and pamphlets were reorganized and cataloged, making them more easily accessible to students, researchers, educators, and activists from all over the globe. She maintained and streamlined the online library database, processed new acquisitions, coordinated researcher visits, and assisted with general operations. Wood oversaw the creation of a new website for the Schumacher Center, in the process recovering and revitalizing over 400 publications and newsletters. She transcribed and printed the Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures into pamphlets and made them available to read online and in eBook form.

She first discovered her passion for farming while working at Taft Hill Farm in Vermont through the WOOF program in 2013 and consequently volunteered for many years at Indian Line Farm, the first CSA in the U.S. located in Egremont, MA. In the summer of 2019 worked at Colfax Farm, a vegetable CSA in Alford, MA. She believes that sustainable farming methods can be used to develop community resiliency and ecosystem restoration in the face of climate change.

Wood graduated from Bennington College in 2011 with a BA in Environmental Science and Ceramics. She lives on a 3 acre homestead filled with berry bushes, a vegetable garden, and an orchard.