Is your “low carbon” ETF knee deep in oil?

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Weekly roundup: October 8, 2019

Impact washing: Low-carbon funds may be knee deep in oil

responsible investing

The phenomenal growth in responsibly minded investment funds is beginning to reveal fault lines. InfluenceMap, a U.K. based think tank, analysed 118 ETFs marketed under a climate theme and found that despite their climate positive marketing, 22 funds have exposure to thermal coal or oil and natural gas reserves. That’s about the same exposure to thermal coal as a mainstream global large cap benchmark, one that didn’t make any climate-friendly claims. For the ESG fund market to retain the confidence of investors, the sector needs meaningful regulations, writes InfluenceMaps’ Adrienne Buller.

Greening York’s Ivory Tower


Looking ahead to a warming future and the imperative to reduce energy consumption, York’s Schulich School of Business sought to adopt a radical approach instead of conventional greening techniques more common to office buildings. The climate crisis demands game-changing solutions, not incremental alterations, writes John Lorinc in this look at the innovative techniques incorporated into the Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study and Research Building.