August Podcast – Understanding How the Economy Has Been “Whipsawed by Trade Tensions”

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“Ethical Markets highly recommends this radio interview with Rinaldo Brutoco, CEO of World Business Academy, our partner.

We agree with Rinaldo’s views, particularly on trade!

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August Podcast


Understanding How the Economy Has Been “Whipsawed by Trade Tensions”

How is Donald Trump shooting the economy in the foot?

Recorded on August 10, 2019

On this new, shorter version of New Business Paradigms, Assistant Producer Benjamin Schwartz and the World Business Academy’s President and Founder, Rinaldo Brutoco, discuss the ways that the trade war has completely knocked the US economy off any normal yo-yo rhythm it usually follows. Currency values, revised jobs number, monetary policy, oil prices, and other indicators all continue to suggest tough times are ahead of us, so make sure to keep your investments safe (and invest in gold)!

Unfortunately, the bad signs are not limited to the United States; Germany and Italy are leading the plunge as Europe slides into recession and political decisions related to Brexit continue to tank the British economy. Rinaldo finishes the podcast with an explanation of exactly why the Chinese are not currency manipulators and underscores the importance of keeping optimism in your life.

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