In Memoriam: WFS Founder Edward Cornish (1927-2019)

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“Ethical Markets  salutes the lifelong achievements of  Edward Cornish, founder and President of the World Future Society  (WFS) and its magazine THE FUTURIST.

I joined the WFS in the late 1960s and was inspired and intellectually awakened by my associations with Ed and so many WFS members, including Alvin and Heidi Toffler and particularly, my lifelong friendship with Barbara Marx Hubbard, who left us also in this year 2019.  With my appreciation to Julie Friedman Steele, who took up the mantle  as President and Chair of WFS.

With warmest wishes to all my WFS friends.  Hazel Henderson, Editor “


We can do nothing to change the past,
but we have enormous power to shape the future.
Once we grasp that essential insight,
we recognize our responsibility and capability
for building our dreams of tomorrow and avoiding our nightmares.

Edward Cornish
(born 8/31/1927 – died 8/14/2019)

Honoring the Life and Legacy of
Edward Cornish,
Pioneering Futurist
& Founder of the World Future Society

     Edward Cornish and Herman Kahn at World Future Society headquarters, around 1980.

We at the World Future Society have been deeply saddened to learn that our visionary founder Edward Cornish – who created the the Society in 1966 – passed away on August 14th at the age of 91 from Alzheimer’s disease.

The WFS community, its friends, and, indeed, all futurist-minded people, have lost an extraordinary international leader and pioneer whose enormous achievements in spreading futurist inspiration and thinking are unique.
In honor of Edward Cornish and his legacy, the World Future Society 
will now be providing a FREE version of membership for all, 

along with new premium offerings for our paying members.



Tribute by Julie Friedman Steele,
CEO / Board Chair of the World Future Society

             Edward Cornish between his son Jeff Cornish and Julie Friedman Steele, 2016.

It was an honor and a privilege to meet and know Edward Cornish. Running the World Future Society today is like running a baton relay, while standing on the shoulders of giants.

Ed Cornish was right – we do all have tremendous power to shape the Future.

The World Future Society is here to more than ever co-create the desired futures we want to see in the world and we are uniquely well-positioned today to carry out and collaborate on initiatives advancing our global civilization and our species – thanks to our founder and all the other legendary futurists he gathered to work alongside him at the World Future Society.

Coming from a Family Business myself, I am especially aware of how hard the Cornish family worked together to keep this organization going, including after Edward’s retirement. My thoughts are with his entire family, and so are those of the World Future Society community.

I’m humbled by all that Edward Cornish achieved – and in honor of his futurist legacy, I am grateful that we are able to launch a free version of membership available for everyone today so that as many people as possible can join us at the World Future Society to co-create the future.
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